North West, 10, reveals major news about Kim Kardashian’s career before her mom cuts her off during a TikTok livestream.

KIM Kardashian has married her daughter North West after the 10-year-old nearly exposed her mother’s business dealings.

Kim and North spent some quality time together on TikTok live before bed.

Kim Kardashian married her eldest daughter North West live on TikTok.Photo: TikTok/KimandNorth
North teased that Kim will soon have a ‘new brand’Photo: TikTok/KimandNorth

The mother-daughter duo’s social media interaction was screen-recorded and shared on a fan’s TikTok page.

In the clip, North teased that she had some details regarding Kim, 42, and the future of the brand.

“Guys, another brand will appear soon,” the teenager blurted out.

The founder of Skims then asked her what brand she was talking about.

“You know,” North answered with a sly grin.

Kim immediately cut her off before she could explain anything.

“You shouldn’t talk about other people’s affairs like that; just relax,” the mother of four said.

Fans took to the comments section to point out that North nearly spilled the beans about Kim’s lucrative moves.

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“Kim needs to go up north to sign a non-disclosure agreement because she’s going to get exposed,” one fan praised.

Another added: “That’s why you don’t talk in front of the kids.”

A third person suggested: “I think it’s going to be a northern brand because she started saying no it’s not other people’s business lol.”

There was also a fan who suggested North would “expose the whole family tea” in “10 years.”

Someone else agreed: “North is obligated to reveal some secrets the older she gets, I just know it.”


North is very active on TikTok and has been making a lot of TikTok videos with Kim lately.

North paid tribute to her father Kanye West, 46, in a sweet video she filmed with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum in July.

The duo soaked up the sun outside Kim’s $60 million mansion as they lip-synced to a sped-up version of Estelle’s 43-year-old 2008 hit American Boy.

Kim and North took turns lip-syncing the song’s lyrics from the chorus of American Boy while lip-syncing the chorus at certain points.

The short film seemed to implicitly celebrate the musical achievements of Kanye, also known as Ye.

Kanye not only co-wrote the Grammy-winning song, but also performed a rap verse on it.

The clip, captioned “Saturday Morning,” was posted to Kim and North’s joint TikTok account, “Kim and North.”

North American Boy, dubbed TikTok, comes after the US Sun reported in late June that the All of the Lights rapper had changed her mind about using social media.

Kanye reportedly appears to have accepted the online content that North has been posting so far.

A source close to Kim’s ex-husband told US Magazine that he has changed his position slightly.


A source close to Kim’s ex-husband told US Magazine that rapper Donda has changed his position slightly.

The insider said: “While Kanye doesn’t agree with North being allowed to post on TikTok, he appreciates that Kim is being smart about certain content she posts.

“Kanye has a really strong connection with North, and while he trusts her completely, he knows she’s still very young and can’t always make the right decisions about what’s appropriate to share publicly and what’s not.”

Last year, Ye took a different stance and criticized his ex-wife for allowing a teenager to post on TikTok.

In February 2022, the “Flashing Lights” hitmaker posted a screenshot of North from one of his TikTok videos and tagged his former partner in the shot.

He asked his Instagram followers in all caps a question: “SINCE THIS IS MY FIRST DIVORCE, I SHOULD KNOW.


Kim told North she just “needed to relax”Photo: TikTok/KimandNorth
Kim tells North she shouldn’t talk about ‘people’s affairs’Photo: TikTok/KimandNorth
Kim and North have a joint TikTok account and often upload videos together.1 credit

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