‘Fly like Mike’: Mavericks HC hype Luka Doncic vs. Michael Jordan in hilarious comparison

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Trail Blazers 126-97 tonight. The win was a much-needed confidence booster after a previous tough loss to the Jazz. As usual, Luka Doncic had another amazing night with 41 points. Kyrie Irving seemed to pick up the pace in Game 2 after being sidelined with a heel contusion. The two contributed 70 of the 126 points.

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Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd was very pleased with the result. When interviewed by reporters after the game, he seemed particularly happy. When asked what he thought of Doncic’s monster dunk, he cheekily replied: “Was that a dunk? (Luka) was flying like Mike tonight.”


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Not just the dunk, Luka was in control the entire game. Irving also put up a good fight. He scored 29 points and tied a season high with nine rebounds. The Mavericks took control of the momentum early and went on a 9-0 run that continued throughout the game.

But the fight in the Beaver State has just begun.

Luka Doncic and Co. Keep Fumbled Trail Blazers Off Balance

In the first of a two-game series, the Trail Blazers seemed to show some fight in the third quarter, beating Dallas 27-24. But the surge fizzled out as soon as it started. The Trail Blazers were struggling to find a rhythm, and that was evident in their 14 turnovers.

Mavericks suffer embarrassing injury scare in clash with Trail Blazers, Luka Doncic’s frustration doubled


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If that wasn’t enough, the referees called two fouls on Trail Blazers rookie Duop Reese in the second quarter and ejected him. Josh Green was elbowed in the face while trying for an inside shot. Dallas scored 21 points in the first half, all thanks to Portland’s mistakes! Luka Doncic made 10 of 12 free throws, also due to their 20 fouls.

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To make matters worse, Toumani Kamara and Ibrahimovic left the field due to double fouls. “Rose City” committed 34 fouls in total. “This team has a hard enough time defending in the half court, period.” Coach Billups spoke of the sad state of affairs. “Then you give them some easy transitions. “Those factors complicate things and make things more difficult. ”

Well, they’ll have a chance to right their wrongs on Friday when the two teams meet again for a rematch. They’re going to end the night on a decent note, for Portland’s sake!


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