Folk Album: Taylor Swift’s Eighth Album

folklore is the eighth album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, fully conceived, written and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was published without notice on July 24, 2020.

Let us briefly recall the prehistory of the creation of the album “Folklore”.

Due to the pandemic lovefest, namely the long-awaited tour in support of the album Beloved which was supposed to start in Belgium on June 20, 2020, was first postponed to 2021 and then officially canceled due to the catastrophic consequences caused by the virus. After this event, Taylor Swift immediately began writing and producing new music: it was from this great commitment that the album was born. folklore.

July 23, 2020, the day before the album’s release. folkloreOn her Instagram profile, Taylor Swift posts 9 black and white photographs without any description, in which she is captured in a forest of very tall trees. He soon posts a message announcing about 10 hours in advance that his new album is called folklore out at midnight.

We recall a fragment of the description of his completely unexpected post announcing his eighth album: folklore:

Most of the things that I planned this summer didn’t happen, but there is something that I didn’t plan and it HAPPENED. And this is my eighth Folklore studio album.»

Most of the things I planned for this summer didn’t work out in the end, but there are a few things I didn’t plan on that worked out. I’m talking about my eighth Folklore album.»

So the singer announces folklorethis album has a dreamy vibe.

Interestingly, this album was most likely inspired by the many films and books that Taylor surrounded herself with during quarantine: Jane Eyre, Pan’s Labyrinth, Marriage history these are just some of the titles we would like to mention, it is most likely that these films and books inspired Taylor to write the songs included in the album. folklorewhich is essentially a completely different album than the rest.

We conclude the article with a reminder of how Taylor Swift in an interview recalls the development of the album.

Folklore began with images. Visuals that came to my mind and piqued my curiosity. Stars are drawn around the scars. A cardigan that still smells of loss twenty years later. Battleships sink in the ocean, down, down, down. Christmas tree swing in the forest of my childhood. Muted “let’s run away” tones and never do that. The sun-drenched month of August was slipping away like a bottle of wine. A mirrored disco ball floating above the dance floor. A bottle of whiskey beckons. Hands are held through plastic. The only thread that, for better or worse, binds you to your destiny. Pretty soon, these images in my head were overgrown with faces or names and turned into characters. In the process of creating folklore, I found myself not only writing my own stories, but writing about or from the point of view of people I had never met, people I knew, or people I wish I didn’t know..»

Just look at the various song titles on the album. folklore to understand how significant this interview is: Taylor was able to sum up the entire folklore in a couple of lines!

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