Former participants of Argentina’s “Big Brother” attack the Chilean version: they mocked it on social networks

In the 2022 version of “Big Brother” Argentina There was one participant who drew a lot of attention because of her political past: she was a delegate.

your name: Romina Uhrig.And the programs broadcast are not bad at all Trevbecause she finished fourth in the competition and became the last player eliminated before the finals.

Since then, she has distanced herself from partisan politics and has become a controversial figure in showbiz, an image that may explain her recent criticism of “The Star.”Big Brother” Chile and those who participate in the running of the bulls.

“They talked a lot about our Argentinian version. Except, They are very aggressive and behave frequently”, he said in the Editando Tele program broadcast on the neighboring country’s public television station.

controversial figure

Uhrig’s comments hint at reality TV show chile vision Following “Big Brother” Argentina has not gone unnoticed on social networks, among which they founded it He was reminded that his time in the house (the same house where the Chilean version was recorded) was fraught with controversy.

“This looks like a joke. Romina: The one who talks about the physiques of all her classmates (including her friends). The one who tells Camila not to eat too much, the one who tells Julietta that she has a lot of cellulite People, the one who gives more food to people who like her, the one who leaves home saying she has no fat, Penny finds out that she steals just like her husband. For example, Tiktok user Marianttovh attacked her, “She talks about violence”. But who is Romina Uhrig?

Related to Kirchnerism

Her profession is a physical education teacher Vice-President of the Province of Buenos Aires Between 2019 and 2021 in front of everyoneParty alliance leads to pink house so far president of argentina, Alberto Fernandez.

Approval Peronists and KirchneristsAfter leaving Congress, he Social Security Institute of the Province of Buenos AiresHe left the show to take part in Big Brother, where he immediately stood out because he was one of 67 pro-government representatives who bypassed the official residence of President Fernández to attend the celebrations during the pandemic . Self-imposed lockdown by the government. Currently, it is “Dancing 2023》,Transmission signal american television.

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