Formula 1, Brad Pitt drives fans crazy: what happened in Monza

Incredible in Formula 1 Brad Pitt surprises fans: here’s what happened in the days of the Monza Grand Prix

Brad Pitt hits the treadmill. Unbelievable but true. The main character of the film is one of the most famous and beloved actors in Hollywood, a real star, the protagonist of many award-winning films, winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2020. Monza Grand Prix.

In fact, at the end of the summer, Formula 1 returns to action, bringing a magnificent surprise to all car and movie lovers in Italy. At the weekend in Brianza there is a place for Pitt, ready to surprise everyone present. And not just from passion, but perhaps not just like that much more important.

Brad Pitt in Monza
Brad Pitt, surprise for the fans: he performs in Monza (Ansa) –

In fact, it’s not uncommon for VIPs of all stripes to show up in the paddocks of the most prestigious Grand Prix, usually driven by a passion for a world of certain glamor as well as a podium that sometimes has unpredictable personal consequences. Just think of Shakira, who during the Miami Grand Prix not only became the protagonist of flirting with Tom Cruise, but, apparently, would have laid the foundation for the connection that took place in the summer with Lewis Hamilton.

Dear Brad Pitt is not looking for romantic adventures in Italy, however, who will really take part in a weekend in Monza for purely professional reasons. Important reasons that will push him to even put on overalls and a helmet and drive.

The main character of Brad Pitt in Monza: that’s why the actor took to the track

As already happened a few weeks ago at Silverstone, at the British Grand Prix, Brad Pitt will once again take turns and straight tracks for filming. The famous Hollywood actor is, in fact, the protagonist of the new film by Joseph Kosinski (director, including Top Shooter: Maverick), a $100 million film produced by Apple Study.

The main character of Brad Pitt in Monza: that's why the actor took to the track
Brad Pitt takes to the track: reason revealed (Ansa) –

Film `s name Apex and follows history Son Hayespilot of the APXGP team, the true eleventh Grand Prix team of that period, present with his hospitality, complete with box and wall, as if it were a racing team in every way.

Apparently, the plot should focus on the story of Sonny, a gifted pilot who retired after a terrible accident. By linking up with a struggling team, the man will prove that he still has the makings of a champion and will be able to lead the car and his young teammate to unimaginable goals.

Otherwise, not many details are known, except for one: Brad is filming without an understudy. driving your car, Formula 2 armored as Formula 1the actor will be there, apparently ready to wow his fans even in an unedited pilot role.

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