Formula 1 – Singapore Grand Prix: It’s not just about money and business

September 28 2008first appearance Singapore V F1. Without a shadow of a doubt, everyone remembers the famous controversy called “Crash Gate”, one of the most absurd pages in the entire history of the highest category of motorsport. But perhaps not everyone knows that you need to know history well and deeply the Grand Prixand therefore Thomson Roadwe’ll have to go back to 1959.

In those years Singapore it was not a city-state. However, it had an important port, which occupied a strategic position in Asia. The world of motors entered this country thanks to a small but elite motorcycle association called “Singapore Motorcycle Club” The group was commissioned directly by the state to organize a car event as part of the “East – year of visit to Singapore

But the island at that time was too small for the construction of a race track, so after almost two years of negotiations, it was decided to format the event inside a natural park crossed by “Old Upper Thomson Road” This is how the track of the same name was born, which was played at the end 1961Grand Prix of the Year of the East, auto and motorcycle racing scene. V 1963 Singapore Motorcycle Club tried to fit into the calendar F1but it was not accepted due to the problem of overlap with another event planned in South Africa.

The following year the race showed that at the organizational level they were still not at their best. Heavy rain fell Thomson Road and although the race began after a 90 minute wait, it lasted only 5 laps before it was finally suspended due to numerous accidents. Finally, in the summer of 1965 Singapore gained independence from Malaysia and thus was able to organize the first Singapore Grand Prix history, without the usual government intervention.

Singapore Grand Prix
An iconic image of the Thomson Road circuit, home of the first ever Singapore Grand Prix.

A year later, in 1966the track was declared open at Free formulawhich at that time was considered a special automobile category in which different classes of cars could participate, including Formula 1 And Formula 2. Despite Thomson Road never participated at an official level in F1Story Singapore Grand Prix it undoubtedly originated here. In the 60s, politics and business in the eastern city were already taking their first steps in F1 in search of fame, but who could have imagined such a bright future 50 years later?

Singapore Grand Prix: Marina Bay Circuit

The first thing about this track was undoubtedly the timing. On the other hand, there is no doubt about the charm that a night run can reveal. To implement this intriguing idea, a tender was announced to select a company that would implement the ultra-ambitious project. The winner was DZ Engineeringsmall company Forli who knew how to beat the big names in the market with his innovative ideas.

Over 1,570 floodlights along the entire circuit, 207 in the tunnels, 98 in the grandstands and 80 in the grandstands. corral. Each lamp has a power of 2000 W. More than 223 thousand meters of cables, 57 thousand meters of optical fiber and 24 electrical voltage regulators, a total power of 82,500 watts. Important figures for the creation of the first night Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1.

Spectators and fans of the highest category immediately realized how valuable the 800th episode was the Grand Prix V F1 it would be different from others. Not only on the track, but also around it. The entire organization weekend between parties, events, theater performances, music, illusionist concerts and art workshops. Stars and celebrities of this caliber Jennifer Lopez, Kate Perry, John Legend, Robbie Williams AND Pet Store Boys participated in subsequent releases Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore Grand Prix
impressive image of the Asian circuit Marina Bay in Singapore

Not to mention such attractions as “Singapore flyer“, 165 meters of structural beauty, capable of “storing” 28 people in each carriage, which moves counter-clockwise on the advice of the craftsmen Feng Shui. For the wealthier, it was possible to book so-called “cells”. Sky Premium Private Dining Pods for a quiet dinner or Private premium champagne capsules from Moet e Chandon accompanied by rivers of bubbles.

The events, staged between skyscrapers and hotel restaurants on the circuit, were also innovative and offered a unique opportunity to view the circuit illuminated from above. In other words, the ideal scenario for advertising sponsor from F1. Singapore has always been known as a global trading hub and has been rated by the World Bank as “the easiest place (in the world) to do business” for nine years in a row..

Singapore Grand Prix: Lots of things to do, fun on and off the track

Many define it as the Grand Prix “glamour”, a French word that, in the transalpine dictionary in hand, defines the natural charm of the environment. When thinking about this word, the first images that come to mind are narrow streets Monte Carlowith its bars and restaurants, hotels and shops and a unique atmosphere redolent of history: an environment where in unsuspecting times this “collective madness” was called F1.

Yes, because the unloading of hundreds of 600 horses sliding over walls and barriers in search of the perfect time is an important adrenaline rush even for a racing driver. F1 used to running at 300 miles per hour. Who was able to attend any publication The Grand Prix Singaporeundoubtedly had the opportunity to understand this word glamor has little to do with this context.

Singapore Grand Prix
“artificial” spectacle of Singapore

Taking into account the last consideration, the lucky ones will understand that the word “show” is associated with Marina Bay To most ears this sounds pretty good. An “artificial” show, ingeniously organized to satisfy the participants, capable of entertaining and bringing pleasure. However, despite the goal the Grand Prix From Singapore was supposed to offer a “show” with lots of fireworks for the grand finale, it still managed to penetrate the hearts of drivers and spectators.

Although in fact this is a city route, its creator, the ubiquitous German pencil Hermann Tilke, was able to develop a very interesting “layout”. Despite its low-speed sections Marina Bay he does not at all disdain overtaking, guaranteeing a lot of emotions that are not present on Monk of which there will definitely be more glamor but also much more boredom.

Author: Alessandro Arcari@berrageiz

Images: Singapore – Formula 1

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