France starts vaccinating ducks against bird flu

The duck vaccination campaign launched on Sunday and will cost about 100 million euros, 85% of which will be subsidized by the French government Alana Fraga

France starts vaccinating thousands of ducks Bloomberg quoted the country’s agriculture minister as saying that the country is trying to contain an outbreak of bird flu in one of the world’s two largest poultry exporters.

French duck industry, famous for skinning Igualia Foie gras Two or six years later, it has become one of the most vulnerable areas to bird flu, sparking a search for new ways to combat the disease. This includes vaccines, which have been tested in several countries in the EU and in France, and I am not trying to put them into widespread commercial use at this time.

The campaign started on Sunday (January 10) and will cost approximately 100 million euros, 85% of which will be subsidized by the government.

Nearly 64 million French patinhos (raised for meat and foie gras) will receive two cows within weeks, with collective immunity expected until the end of the year.. “We are in the relief phase,” Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau said during a visit to a farm in the Landes region, an important duck-producing region, during the second fair (February 10).

But the agency remains concerned that bird vaccinations could mask the spread of bird flu and put importers at risk of purchasing infected animals or contaminated products.

Some resistance from the country’s two main commercial partners may also affect the possibility of other poultry producers using the vaccination.

The United States will restrict imports of French birds starting this month, citing “uncertainty” over two vaccination plans. Canada issued a temporary ban, and Japan also suspended French imports from October 1.


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