Francesco Opini, the family is expanding: “Hello everyone, I’m Giorgia”. cutest picture

francesco opini new entry
Francesco Opini welcomes new entry into the family – Photo: Instagram – VelvetStyle.IT

Francesco Opini surprised everyone on social networks by introducing us to a new member of his family. Her name is Georgia.

A post that came somewhat surprisingly on social networks, displacing fans of the son of the famous comedian, who in turn became famous above all for participating in several sports broadcasts.

This was announced by Francesco himself on Instagram with a very tender photo in which he writes: “Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, I’m Giorgia”. An eternal love therefore who comes into Opini’s life is all set to trouble him. Fans comment and react very sweetly to the famous TV character.

Found out It is impossible even for ordinary haters to make an appearance in front of such a tender post, so much so that if we scroll through the comments we only read praise and very tender phrases. Is something finally turning in the right direction on social media?

Francesco Opini introduces Giorgia to everyone

No, it’s not about the baby or the new relationship. Giorgia is the new cat from Francesco Opini who appears with a very gentle photo. While still a puppy she was adopted by the television personality who has always declared herself to be a great animal lover.

francesco opini cat
Francesco Opini’s kitten, very soft – Photo: Instagram –

The kitten is a common specimen, A European cat as they say in the jargon, with a white body and the face of a tiger. We don’t know how it is on its back because it is completely recumbent and its belly is up. The pads under the paws are very soft and yet add to the sweetness of this kitten greeting the screen of the smartphone with its paws that it is picturing.

VIPs and their pets

Social networks have become a place where VIPs often decide to share their personal photos with pets, even their everyday companions. But which are the most famous on the web. definitely one of the most posted Matilda is a French Bulldog belonging to Chiara Ferragni And we understand very well the reason for this notoriety that it has been accompanying her on social networks for a very long time and she also has her own profile with almost 400 thousand followers.

ferguen dog
Chiara Ferragni and Fedez with their little dog – Photo: Instagram –

very nice follow up Tommaso Kowalski, a very cute specimen of the Pomeranian Toy Spitz Who has an Instagram profile of over 100,000 followers. The little dog has long been the focus of the couple Giulia De Lellis and Andrea DamanteTheir breakup even became a point of contention among those who happened to be the two ex-boyfriends. are going to like it again Elisabetta Canalis has decided to dedicate a general profile to our four-legged friends and that is “Pierce“. Initially the profile was born to talk about two Pinschers of the Sardinian model and then welcomes the third in the group named Megan K, Nello and Zoe.

Lorella Cuccarini also often took her beloved cat on social networks, really delicious and very sweet orange Siamese that the most famous dancer of our country constantly hugs and kisses. The singer Ed Sheeran is also a cat lover, having a European cat, always salmon-colored, with whom he shares moments of tenderness on social networks that attract the attention of the public. But that’s not all, because the list is really long. Rise who has a maltese, alessia marcuzzi a poodle, also a small dog vanessa incontrada And Philippe Magnini among others.

Who is Francesco Opini?

But let’s go back for a moment to the real hero of this story and that is Francis Opini As mentioned, she welcomed a tiny cat into Giorgia’s home. Born on 6 April 1982 in Turin Has two very famous parents namely Franco Opini and Alba Pariti. His career starts as an ordinary person, working as a car dealer since 2001 in a dealership in Milan. This leads them to open their own business thanks to their entrepreneurial skills.

Francesco Opini mother Alba Paretti
Francesco Opini and his mother Alba Paretti – Instagram photo –

However, in 2004, she made her debut in the entertainment world by participating in the reality show La Fatoria. However, years pass before he is seen again in the television world. Thus he begins his cultivation passion for juventus, A team also supported by his father and mother, which inspired him to become a columnist on local networks, especially on Directa Studio on 7 Gold. Over the years he has become a definite face in the Juventus world, endearing himself to himself for his attachment to the shirt.

In 2020 she made a comeback on national television by participating in another reality show and that is Big Brother VIP. He was also part of the cast of the sports show Tiki Taka La Repubblica del Pallone. Gossip magazine also raised a lot of questions about the boy’s love life. His new girlfriend’s name is Francesca Vivirit and she is not from the entertainment world. He previously had a relationship with Francesca Gottardi from 2012 to 2019 and a short but very significant relationship with Cristina Tommasini who seemed to be remarrying.

the tragedy that struck him

Francesco Opini was also the protagonist of a very painful tragedy in his life. On 17 October 2006, when Francesco was just 24 years old, His girlfriend at the time, Luana, is lost in a tragic car accident. A girl who was never so forgotten that fifteen years later she wanted to remember him with a post on Instagram: “I am fifteen years younger without you. You are and will always be light, sun and smiles. There is no goodbye between us, because wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.”

Even Alba’s mother spoke about the sad end to the life of a girl described at times as sweet and decent. Pariti wrote:Hi Luana. 15 years have passed and today you are a 40 year old woman. That was the end of that bad night. There was nothing worse to remember than the moment that extinguished your smile and for all of us on that journey with you. It was hell on earth for your mother, your sister and Francesco. Only those who have experienced the tragedy of losing a loved one, young, beautiful and full of life, can understand what it means to have immense pain that never ends. I think of you, at the last joyful greeting at the door, in the nightmares of the hours and years. One thing you left behind: your beauty, energy, goodness and generosity. We will never forget you beautiful invisible yet present creature. Hello dear Luana”.

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