Freckles Are Gone Now: Here’s the Makeup to Attract Them

For a long time when we talked about freckles and makeup, we used to think of makeup that was able to cover up small flat red or brown spots on the skin. However, now many people are also demanding fake freckles makeup To be able to adorn the face with drawn freckles.


It also appears most often on subjects who are light-skinned and present, as well as on the face, arms, shoulders, and other parts of the body exposed to the sun. are caused byincreased production of melanin in some areas Skin reaction to exposure to ultraviolet rays. They are harmless and do not require any medical treatment.


Some divas who have natural freckles have contributed to a new aesthetic trend that has re-evaluated freckles as a sign of change with the past and has often enhanced the actress by leaving them in close-ups on her face, rather than hiding them. Emma Watson to the duchess of sussex meghan markle model and interpreter cara delevingne, But there are many celebrities who have resorted to it. fake freckles makeup Clearing, in turn, this characteristic. For example, consider the singer and entrepreneur Rihanna or actress and artist Zendaya,


On social networks, especially on TikTok, there are many tutorials that have popularized makeup for fake freckles, making it a trend of recent times. it’s a little quirk that gives a Fresh and young look on your face, Well, this is a very simple type of makeup, which only requires two eyebrow pencilsone in shades of chocolate and one in shades of hazelnut brown, plus a Bronzer Effects Compact Earth.


Before proceeding with makeup, cleanse and moisturize your face. put one Base Or primer and concealer to even out skin tone. In addition to the previously recommended eyebrow pencil, alternatively, according to your taste and needs, you can also use a light brown eyeliner pencil A liquid eyeliner with a fine tip that allows it more accuracy,


Begin by carefully sharpening the points of the pencils, softening them in the palm of your hand. Drag then god dark pencil point But on the top of the cheeks and on the bridge of the nose, the goal is to create gods freckle dotsbut freely, without following any specific orderLeaving a varying amount of space between one point and another.


After the above steps, proceed Light pencil and fill in the lower cheekbones and nose as well out with the points. Ultimately, fades away Gently pat the false freckles with your ring finger. For an added touch like what you would naturally feel after being in the sun for a few hours sun kiss effect turn it up a bit bronzer, which defines and illuminates the features, focusing a few brushstrokes especially on the nose. You can use it to set your makeup fixing spray,

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