Free and complete movies on YouTube thanks to the new Plaion Picturers channel

Oreste Foraggi

22 hours ago –

06 March 2023, 12:10

Great news for Italian cinema enthusiasts: Plaion Pictures’ Moviedome Italia is here. Now you can see Free full movies on youtube.

This is a decidedly interesting initiative, given that the platform offers itself as a real alternative to the more classic giants of streaming and does so by inserting films in resolution up to 1080p on the channel and without paying any cost.

Free and full movies on YouTube, that’s where

The convenience of YouTube is that it offers content visible to everyone, at no cost and from any device. However, the new Moviedome Italia channel does something more, given that it already offers a rich catalog of movies to watch completely free and in good resolution. In less than two months of life, the platform has already uploaded more than 40 films. There are those who turn up their noses asserting that after all these are decidedly negligible films, but we are still talking about completely free entertainment and which in reality already boasts some more appreciated and well-known titles in its list, such as Insensitive bastards with James Franco, Natalie Portman Matthew Modine, as well as Men of War with Dolph Lundgren and Road to Paloma with Jason Momoa.

The catalog currently already covers various genres, such as action, thriller, comedy and adventure. It’s about contemporary films, therefore released in recent years, but there are also older titles, now considered cult by fans of the genre, such as the aforementioned Men of War. Plaion Pictures announces that the catalog will be updated with new titles every week, so as to always offer new content to those who decide to visit the channel, and of course always for free.

What to see on Moviedome?

Among the most interesting films that undoubtedly deserve the title of cult, we find Il Vizietto, a historic Italian film with the great Hugh Tognazzi. Another film of great interest to many fans, especially those who are nostalgic for the Game of Thrones, is Spooks, the Supreme Good. It is a film starring Kit Harrington, the unforgettable Jon Snow of the fantasy series created by George RR Martin.

As mentioned, all the contents of Moviedome, a platform that allows you to watch free and complete movies on YouTube, they are completely free. Naturally, the revenues for the company will come thanks to the advertisements that Google’s red platform has decided to insert before and during each video for some time now. These are commercials that sometimes even last 20 seconds, which is therefore decidedly annoying for users. We remind you, however, that it is possible to eliminate advertising by subscribing to a premium accounts, which costs 11.99 euros per month, while the Family version reaches 17.99 euros per month with viewing on up to 6 devices simultaneously. The first month is free.

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