You’ve Got Mail | Maria De Filippi’s Letter To Viewers!

You’ve Got Mail: Maria De Filippi’s Letter To Viewers! (On Monday 6 March 2023)

There is Mail for you: the broadcast is back after a week of mourning break by Mary de Philippiand now she’s left a message for the audience… There it is Mail per te is back on the air after a week’s break following the death of Maurizio Costanzo. Mediaset has followed the evolution of the story step by step, also suspending the programs of Mary de Philippi in respect of his mourning. Yesterday, with the return of the broadcast, a message from the presenter was broadcast. There is Mail for you: the Letter Of Mary de Philippi after the return of the broadcast! There is Mail for you made its return to air after a week of suspension. All programs of …Read on men and women news

twitter Go to the latest tweets on the subject… fraversion : thanks from Maria De Filippi before the airing of C’è posta per te. #You’ve Got Mail – Tiziano Ferro : See you tomorrow evening at C’è Posta Per Te. Saturday 4 March – Prime Time Channel 5 @CePostaPerTeOff @WittyTV – R_Ana87 : So the episode of c’è posta with marco it’s either this Saturday or it’s this Saturday – ilfoglio_it : In Germany, the dispute between Scholz and Foreign Minister Baerbock has Ukraine to do with it, but also the various cara… – red cheeks : RT @thesuninsidee_: in Sanremo they were with Carolina Crescentini, in c’è posta per te they were with Carmine Recano and on Sunday in with Raiz because l… –

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