Friends of Maria de Filippi: jerseys, eliminations and quarrels

Aired today, Sunday March 12, 2023, thelast episode of the afternoon seasonal of Friends of Maria De Filippi awarded many gold jerseys for the evening, but also saw a couple of eliminations. The appointment was particularly dense, to the point that some students had to face well four rounds; and neither the Profs they spared each other, complete with controversies and bickering. In an episode that did not see the presence of external judges, the only guest was Francesca Michielinwho presented his new song: What is not there yet.

The Tops of Sunday 12 March

The last afternoon episode of the 2022-2023 season of Friends he led us on a real marathon of notes, between singing, dancing and emotions. Not only the boys still in the balance, but also the students who had already obtained the shirt for the evening have performed again to get a place in the evening. What we saw today in the episode allows us to welcome three girls back into the Top category: Angelina, Isobel and Federica. Their skill does not surprise us, but it should be emphasized that only one heat was enough for the magnificent three to be confirmed gold colored shirt. Angelina singing hers I apologize my loveFederica with the unreleased Slide, Isobel dancing to a song by Miley Cyrus. Not being able – to give balance to the ranking – to mention in this space all those who have gained access to the evening, in today’s episode they were also very convinced Wax, Aaron and Matthias. An annotation arises spontaneously: to climb the top step of the podium, at least on paper in this edition, women could be favored over men.


For so many shirts assigned for the evening there are a couple of students who just can’t cheer. Let’s face it: the forecasts have basically been respected and there is no doubt that the big disappointment, and Bet Flop, is Niveo. After good expectations, his position had collapsed in the last few episodes and last week he had barely saved himself. The elimination (and the Flop) of Blessedwhich is however rewarded with a sop, remaining in the house to be able to dance with Matthias in the evening: will she be really happy about it? We close this space by making an exception: during the last two episodes there have been some discontent between Teachers. In particular, disagreements emerged between Lorella Cuccarini and Rudy Zerbi. The latter has insinuated that too many shirts are assigned for the evening for what is the real emerging talent. A discourse that perhaps makes sense, but perhaps there should be greater harmony between Profs, to start the evening in the right way and, provocatively, so as not to be forced to include the Professors themselves among the Flops.

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