From Chiara Ferragni and Fedez to ClioMakeUp: are Italian stans becoming a problem?

Two events related to well-known personalities of the Italian web social networks are inflaming in these weeks. The alleged post-Sanremo quarrel between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez flooded Twitter and Instagram with comments regarding the couple’s future; a post by the well-known makeup artist ClioMakeUp the world of influencers has attracted just as much attention, pushing hashtag trends and thousands of contents where common users are dedicated to interpreting and analyzing events. If the curiosity about the private lives of famous people is a custom that has existed for centuries, the web risks bringing the spotlight on harassing and invasive behavior on the part of fans: this is the case with stans.

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The Ferragnez and the stan involvement

Fans of community stan – we talked about it here – they take their name from the union of terms between stalker and fan and became known thanks to Eminem’s 2000 song of the same name. Increased thanks to online accounts, the stans they are extremely devoted fans of a celebrity or band, often to the point of obsession. Can be a problem if they decide to harass or intimidate users, celebrities or critics who disagree with them or have different opinions. Also, they risk invade privacy or their idols’ personal boundaries, such as stalking them or sending them inappropriate messages. During the hypothetical crisis between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, i fans of the couple gathered under hashtags different to get to the attention of the well-known influencer in every way.

The hashtag #ChiaraXdonaFede is still used today on Twitter, but during its peak in February 2022 it was able to group content capable of reaching over 27 thousand views. A fan known as Alessiabarz on Elon Musk’s social network he posted tweets to try to bring the two VIPs closer together: despite only 252 followers, his posts have arrived in trend. “You are a beautiful person and your employees love and are proud of you too. Clear an example of an employer loved by all, thank you for what you do for all of us ❤️ Now forgive Fede and make all Italians happywe are all in suspense” reads one of the Ferragnez-themed tweets. The account was also the driving force behind it the organization of a demonstration in the square in Milan to make the pair reappear together. The launch tweet was seen by a million users, but the meeting was later cancelled. Fedez has decreased the posts on his Instagram pageyet even today in the comments on his dated posts you can read sentences that want to push the rapper to make peace with his wife or invite him to take care of the children.

ClioMakeUp’s crying video

There makeup artist Clio Zammateo is now one of the well-known faces of the web, thanks to its social channels in which it is followed by millions of fans on all platforms. In a video and some stories recent, ClioMakeUp complained about the world of influencers and how difficult it is for her to carry on her company born thanks to the web. “Competition in the world of influencers is not healthy today in Italy, this is what I feel. I also expect people working around me to have the same honest and clean way of communicating and that don’t go and create a fake hype to get more views and make more money”. Open up heaven: the video got 220,000 views in a few hours and has become the favorite topic of social media. Among the many supportive comments, even many who go so far as to find explanations and try to understand who the letter was referring to youtubers. The fans of another well-known makeup artist such as Estetista Cinica felt called into question and went to comment on the posts of both creator.

Recent Italian cases are useful for analyzing the risks that obsessive fans can create on the web and beyond. The English newspaper The Guardian has published an article in which he analyzes the problems caused by stans. Fans of model Julia Fox turned away from her after a fashion show for harassed designer Alexander Wang: within days the support and modeling pages have become accusing accounts and calls for a boycott. Rapper Cardi B had to ask your followers not to insult Comrade Offset on the web after an avalanche of insults had arrived on his pages for an alleged betrayal. Even if the fans are mostly innocuous behavior, the obsessive attitudes risk compromising the experience on the web for all other users. From curiosity for VIP project updates, official profiles risk becoming a jumble of insults, conspiracies and unsolicited advice so much so that we almost regret the promotional posts typical of influencers.

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