From HoF Sobfest to a ‘harsh’ charity blunder – how Michael Jordan ended up becoming a viral meme

Behind a brilliant career, Michael Jordan cementing his legacy as one of the most influential athletes of all time.Yet, the funny people on the internet are immortalized his magnanimity with memes.from “Crying Jordan” everything last dance The NBA legend has a natural meme quality. He’s admitted this himself, and doesn’t mind his relevance as a living purveyor of hilarious internet content. But there’s one meme that makes his reputation somewhat questionable.

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This is Michael Jordan Fuck kids.‘Meme. Although this meme is rooted in a fallacy, there is an example where this infamous meme may apply. So where does it come from? Paging internet historians everywhere!

Behind Michael Jordan’s infamous meme


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Michael Jordan’s career predates social media, but his timelessness remains thanks to meme culture. His 2009 Hall of Fame acceptance speech included “crying jordan Memes.However, one underrated MJ meme is infamous “Fuck their kids” Memes.

The meme typically features a sentimental black and white portrait of Jordan with the phrase written on his face. This universal phrase is used without any malicious intent to make fun of children’s pranks on the Internet. This does not apply to Jordan memes.

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through imagery

Spoiler alert: Jordan never said “Fuck kids. ” At least not in public. In 2016, things were completely different. He attended a children’s charity basketball camp with Chris Paul, where they presented a challenge.if his magnanimity If they don’t make more three-pointers than CP3, the entire camp will receive free Air Jordans.

Although the offer was generous, Mike was a competitive guy. The two-time Hall of Fame legend showed no mercy to Paul. He won, which meant the kids at Camp Paul had no new shoes. This would become the basis of a meme two years later.

The video resurfaced in 2018 when a Twitter user created a Jordan version of the meme to complement it. Since then, the meme has been remixed and reused over and over in many contexts.

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There are other celebrity versions of the phrase, including Russell Westbrook and President Joe Biden memes. But it is still widely adopted. It used to be true for Jordan.

When Michael Jordan made some kids sad

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ESPN dragged ‘crying jordan‘ has also become a meme in the GOAT debate.this “Fuck their kids” Lately, memes have been inundated with a ton of new memes that have become “Meme Jordan.” But in 2020, when this meme emerged, an incident occurred that opened Jordan up to criticism.


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In 2022, Jordan met some young fans while out and about. They asked: “Can we take a photo?“Jordan replied, “No.” Jordan received a lot of criticism for his inconsiderate behavior. He never mentioned the situation, but there were many reactions from social media users. Yes, “Fuck their kids” The picture also appeared several times.

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