Sharon Stone, 65, dared to create a common look and teach our women a lesson in style – Grace

On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, the last week has passed, actress Sharon Stone has become a real sensation. After the presentation of the new collection of the Tod’s brand on September 22, the 65-year-old star appears on the premiere stage of the fashion show. She was classy for the evening and looked like the real deal.

Fashion icon

Sharon Stone is the one who shows up in a gorgeous sleeveless tan blazer and keinture. She also paired it with tan cropped trousers and a flared coupe. A total image that brings him to life and emphasizes his silhouette. The actress rocks a crossbody bag from the high-fashion label as an accessory. Il’y a pas de ute, Sharon Stone is divine! The image, which the star shared on Instagram and received almost 10,000 “likes” mentions.

A true fashion icon, Sharon Stone leaves us without mentioning some of her public appearances. On August 27, the star made a splash in a stunning gold sequin dress she wore to the Golden Icon Awards. Moreover, it is a perfect Instagram story that the actress has already collected from all her voting rights. Cause? Here you can find photos of her in the simplest outfit: Now you can discover Sharon Stone in a full painting session, with several shades of eburiff and soft tones. 100% natural cliches are here in a cardboard box on the toilet.

Natural actress

For three days, the star watched a throwback video of her son on the toilet and saw him in a bikini and captured the silhouette of love. Of course, when Sharon Stone isn’t making a splash about their appearance in public, she’s making her facial expressions in the closet. A true fan of social media, the actress posts pictures of herself daily which has over 3.8 million followers. Class !

Also, do you rate Sharon Stone’s current look?

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