From it girl to mean girl: that’s why Hailey Bieber is no longer liked as before

How much do a million followers weigh? It is the question that, in recent days, Hailey Bieber must have asked herself who, after yet another feud on the web with Selena Gomez, had to give up a large number of her fans who decided they no longer wanted to follow her on Instagram. However, this episode seems to be the tip of the iceberg of a bigger problem: the model has gone from being there it girl of the moment to mean girl for excellence. And the consequences are being seen especially in these last few weeks in which he has lost a good part of its audience, also becoming the catalyst for the dislikes of the whole social world. TikTok has become the emblem of what is happening: there are hundreds of videos that report statements from the past, that analyze her gestures or that tell stories about her with the sole purpose of demonstrating that the model is a bad person and petty.

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But how did all this come about? The public figure of Hailey Baldiwin (her surname before she married, for those who have forgotten it) has always been quite controversial due to some of her somewhat out of place utterances (to put it mildly) on Twitter and then for the her engagement and subsequent marriage to Justin Bieber. The fans who saw him forever linked to Selena Gomez have never accepted this union, holding it mainly responsible for the lack of reconciliation with the singer: a sort of third wheel that had destroyed the dreams of love of an entire generation. Being likeable and appreciated with these premises is no small challenge, but Hailey has played her cards well, speaking openly about her health problems, including mental ones, sharing tender details about her married life and also benefiting from words of her husband who has always described her as the person who saved him from his inner demons and helped him be a better person.

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The criticisms of Jelena’s fans, the boos on the red carpet, all the theories about her unhappy marriage, for a while, only seemed specious, useless and harmful. Seeing her cry on the Met Gala red carpet because her arrival was accompanied by screams from the audience cheering on Selena Gomez she had made it clear once and for all that she was the only victim of the situation. In recent times, however, something has changed: together with Kendall Jenner she shot videos on TikTok that looked like rather acidic digs at people not really liked by the two friends, unedifying comments about Taylor Swift have reappeared, together with stories of people who described her as rude and impolite. The T-shirt with the writing Nepo babyproudly flaunted during a walk in Los Angeles, has only escalated the situation. The public then issued its verdict: Hailey Bieber is one mean girl and she is proud of it.

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For the moment, Ms. Bieber has closed in silence, not commenting on any of the accusations that rain down on her daily. Overwhelmed by yet another social storm, perhaps she is tired of defending herself when she knows that her every word will be misrepresented or read with prejudice. Waiting to find a new communication strategy to try to return again to the Olympus of it girls, one wonders how much what is happening is having an impact on the model who, in the past, had already included social media among the causes of her psychological malaise. Whether or not her moment of glory is over, whether or not she’s one mean girlmaybe it’s time to stop these negative comments and this campaign against her? We are aware of the fact that not all celebrities can please us and, just like in everyday life, there will always be people we don’t like. The solution is to ignore each other and go our own way.

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