From LeBron to Brady, winning is a different sport

Rome, August 7, 2023 – Perhaps boredom is to blame, most likely when you have so much money that you have nothing to worry about, it is easier to choose how to diversify your investments. And if you were or still are an athlete, you automatically think about staying in your surroundings.

Of course, in a world that is constantly changing, like the world sports business, not only the Arabs are rocking the boat and changing the face of football at the level of club owners. The phenomenon of recent years is the entry of some champions of other sports into European football clubs. Last in order of time Tom Brady: to say that he is the best footballer of all times and peoples is an idle exercise, from a discussion in a pub. Undoubtedly, he is the most famous, and also that he has a lot of money to spend, because, having retired a few months ago, he is enjoying his pension with 375 million which guarantees him Fox Sport for NFL commentary in the coming years.

A few days ago, Brady, who won the Super Bowl seven times and has net assets $300 million.has joined as a minority partner of English Serie B club Birmingham City. Brady will serve as chairman of the advisory board and provide advice on health, nutrition, wellness, recovery programs and marketing.

Birmingham City are an iconic club with such a rich history, being part of the Blues is a great honor for me,” said Brady, who has apparently already started working on marketing… “I have a lot to learn, but I know some “what about winning and I think they are well tolerated,” he added. And here he can not be blamed.

A few days before LeBron Jamestop scorer in NBA basketball, spoke about his passion for Milan. It seems that he especially likes red, since he also entered the property Liverpoola few years ago, in a group of well-known investors also associated with red birdthose. Jerry Cardinale who controls AC Milan and is partnered with LeBron at another company, Springhill.

The real evolutionary leap lies in a purely financial vision (it remains to be seen whether this is good, but that’s another question): these characters don’t invest in clubs because they’re passionate, but simply because they see them as a profitable way to invest some of their endless finances. For example, if it was about applause, Lewis Hamilton would not have tried in vain to first enter the property of Chelsea a year ago, and then more recently the property of Manchester United: the Formula 1 champion has never hidden that he was always rooting for ” Arsenal”. ..In the meantime, he invested some of his money in the Denver Broncos, an NFL American football team.

From the sport come the aces of swimming Michael Phelpsnba basketball Russell Westbrook and golfers Jordan Spit AND Justin Thomaswho took the Leeds shares owned by the Italian Andrea Radrizzani, the current owner of Sampdoria.

Other notable examples come from the entertainment world: actors Ryan Reynolds (Canadian of Deadpool fame) e Rob McElhenney they bought 100% of Welsh fourth division club Wrexham for $2.3 million. But this is a different case: Welcome to Wrexham became a Fox TV docu-series. Brady’s lesser known alter ego Jay Jay Wattsa former NFL player who invested in Burnley: he was convinced by his wife, Kialia, who also played for the US national football team.

There’s also Michael Jordan, but he’s not the one who hits the hoops: he’s an actor. Michael B Jordan, known for playing the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s rival boxer. Since December last year, he has been part owner of Bournemouth in a group led by American Bill Foley, owner of the National Hockey League franchise in Las Vegas.

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