Monte Festival will have a purple rainbow spot

On the occasion of Monte Festival 2023, Trans Minho LGBTQ+ presents its second aggression prevention plan. The plan calls for the placement of purple rainbow dots. The space will be a point of information, awareness and action in the event of an attack, alongside activities such as sexually transmitted infection (STI), HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and HIV rapid testing. Distribute prevention materials.

This is the first time a strategy has been developed for locating minors when they go missing, which includes placing bracelets. To implement this strategy, we purchased 3,000 units.

Trans Miño LGTBIQ+’s goals for this intervention are: “The influx of young people who attend these gatherings and the heavy consumption of alcohol and other substances may lead these young people to engage in behavior that is considered dangerous. Another factor that led to the scheme being the treatment of three victims in one day last year, This is a pilot program.” Points from Trans Miño LGTBIQ+.

Located at the entrance of the Alameda Music Festival grounds, this Violet Rainbow spot will be open to the public from 8:30pm to 3:00am.

“Association Transminho LGTBIQ+, we would like to thank the party committee, the security forces and institutions, the Women’s Information Center (CIM) and the Concello de A Guarda for their willingness”.

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