From “The Morning Show” to “Vita da Carlo” – new films and TV series of the week in online broadcast

What to watch from September 13 to 19 on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+ and Now

The Morning Show Season 3 2023

Editorial “Smile”
September 13, 2023, 3:09 pm

New films and TV series see this week from 13 to 19 September on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+ and Now.


Di4ri – from September 14

The first seven episodes of the second season of “Di4ri” (read “Diari”), an Italian series about the lives of a group of eighth graders created by Simone Ercolani and produced by “Stand By Me”, will be available on Netflix. from September 14 (the remaining seven will be coming soon).

Glow – from September 12

The fifth season of Britain’s Got Talent, a show dedicated to make-up lovers, sees aspiring make-up artists compete against each other to kick-start their careers.

Erengard – The Art of Seduction from September 14.

An expert in the art of love is tasked with teaching his ways to a shy nobleman, but… A romantic and intriguing Danish film.

El Conde – from September 15.

Presented in competition in Venice, the visionary film by Chilean director Pablo Larraín imagines that dictator Pinochet is not dead, but… a vampire.

Once a crime – from September 14th.

This curious fantasy film, set in the world of fairy tales, comes from Japan, where Little Red Riding Hood investigates the mystery at Cinderella’s ball…

Thursday widows – from September 14th.

This Mexican miniseries is a thriller set in a wealthy community rocked by the deaths of three friends. The truth will reveal many secrets, especially those that concern their widows…

Most watched series on Netflix this week

  1. one piece – Pirate Monkey D. Luffy, wearing a straw hat and a ragtag crew, embarks on an epic journey in search of treasure in this adaptation of the famous manga.
  2. My favorite – A mysterious woman’s escape from harrowing confinement leads investigators to the dark truth behind an unsolved disappearance that occurred 13 years ago.
  3. Virgin River – Seeking a fresh start, a trained nurse leaves Los Angeles for a remote upstate town that turns out to be full of surprises.
  4. On fire – When a police officer is killed and set on fire, all attention is focused on two other officers: his girlfriend and her lover. From a real story.
  5. Best boy – Two seasoned drug dealers return to the rough streets of London, but their lust for money and power is threatened by a ruthless young criminal.

Prime Video

Ferranier: Sanremo Special – from 14 September.

You don’t have to pay close attention to the last Sanremo festival to remember what a busy week it was for Chiara Ferragni and Fedez. But what really happened behind the scenes in those days? And what provoked this little scandal on the balance sheet of this impeccable couple?

Wilderness: Out of Control – from September 15.

Liv (Jenna Coleman) and Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) seem like the perfect couple. But when she discovers betrayal, her dream trip becomes… a nightmare. English thriller series of six episodes.

A Million Miles From September 15th

The true story of astronaut Jose Hernandez (Michael Peña) is at the center of this biopic. And it’s a fascinating story that took him from a small Mexican village to space.

The Handmaid’s Tale – from September 15th.

Until now only available on TimVision, the fifth season of the acclaimed and very dark series inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale about an alternative America in which women are enslaved is coming to Prime Video.


Another black girl – from September 13th.

A young publishing assistant is happy to finally hire another black girl like her. But then he realizes that something is not working out… A satirical thriller based on the book of the same name, in 10 episodes.

Elemental – from September 13.

Less than three months after its release, Pixar’s beautiful film, set in a city where four natural elements coexist (often with difficulty), arrives in Italian cinemas.

Apple TV+

Morning show – from September 13.

Here we are again spying behind the scenes of an (imaginary) American television program. In the first season, we witnessed the clash between veteran Alex (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), hired by the network to combat a sexual harassment scandal. In the second case, Covid complicated the situation. Now entering its third season, the series takes a (good) look at today’s American society through the filter of the television industry. And in new episodes, the network risks being sold. Jon Hamm (Mad Men star) also joins the cast as Paul.


Life with Carlo – from September 15

The second season of the series, directed by Carlo Verdone as himself as he struggles with the neuroses that made him even more famous, debuts on Paramount+. The cast also includes Sangiovanni.

Gold – from September 14.

The English series (broadcast domestically by the BBC) is inspired by the story of a sensational 1983 heist, perhaps the biggest ever, when £26 million was stolen near Heathrow Airport.


Drift – Partners in Crime – from September 13

Ali (Ken Duquesne) and Leo (Fabian Busch) are two brothers who have been united since childhood by their passion for making engines roar. They are agents of the German traffic police, but when a woman comes between them, the relationship is in crisis. Years later, they will meet again to foil the plot.


From the world of manga

you like it one piece on Netflix? Here are series and films with real actors taken from manga and anime (Japanese comics and cartoons).

  • Cowboy Bebop – The 2021 series starring John Cho as a cowboy from the future is based on the popular anime. On Netflix.
  • Death Note – A 2017 American film inspired (loosely) by a manga about a notepad that kills people. On Netflix.
  • Alice in the Borderlands – Two seasons take place in Tokyo, where you play to survive. But originally it was a comic book. On Netflix.
  • Oldboy – The masterpiece of South Korean author Park Chan Wook (very violent) was originally a manga. On Prime Video AND Now.

Recommended by Sorrisi

Every week, we at Sorrisi recommend an episode that is no longer new, but is worth watching and enjoying in one sitting, selected from the vast archives of streaming platforms.

Video library

A selection of old and new movies have just arrived on the platforms.


  • Fifty Shades Darker – the second film in a highly successful erotic trilogy.
  • Reserve police officers – Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are a fun couple.
  • Beautiful is a creative film animated by Japanese animation master Mamoru Hosoda.
  • The Last of the Mohicans – An excellent film by Michael Mann about the conquest of America.
  • Italian work – a 2003 heist film starring the stunning Charlize Theron.
  • Notting Hill – Do you want to watch this comedy with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts again?
  • On vacation on Mars – Only for fans of Boldy and De Sica: this time they are… in space.
  • I’m back – What if Benito Mussolini returned to today’s Italy?

Prime Video

  • The wolf of Wall Street – An amazing film by Scorsese with DiCaprio about the “wolves” of finance. Three stunning hours.
  • Sunset – Tim Roth is stuck on vacation in Mexico. But perhaps the truth is more complicated…
  • Marry me – Jennifer Lopez plays a superstar (just like her) looking for true love.
  • Red rocket – A former porn star in crisis tries to escape the province.
  • Hollywood Party – Blake Edwards’ masterpiece with Peter Sellers, who ends up at the party (and… ruins it).
  • Melancholy – What to do when the end of the world comes? Director Lars von Trier is not very optimistic…
  • Six stages of separation – A delightful 1993 film starring a young Will Smith and Donald Sutherland. To be rediscovered.

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