Ecuadorian goalkeeper who keeps Lionel Messi’s jersey reveals it’s for special reason: ‘It’s a gift’

number Lionel Messi It inspires admiration from locals and strangers alike. Despite some controversy at times, rivals have gone to great lengths to honor the Argentinian star.The same thing happens in Hernan Galindez In the first game of the qualifiers. The Ecuadorian Argentinian goalkeeper changed his jersey without hesitation, but he was met with overwhelming criticism and explained the reasons for his emotions..

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After Messi scored a wonderful free kick, Ecuadorian fans and media pointed the finger at Galindez for his lack of resistance when saving the ball. Worst of all, the fact that the executioner jacket was kept made everyone angry, They came and asked not to summon him again and even questioned his love for the country.

Hernan Galindez has revealed the reason behind his shirt switch with Lionel Messi. (Photo: EFE)

To this end, after the game against Uruguay, the goalkeeper explained the reason for the request and revealed a very special reason. “This is a gift for my son because he promised him a long time ago and he has faced it three times but never did it“, he said. He added: “The fact is that I am 36 years old, I have two children and I know that if I switch jerseys with Messi I will be criticized, but What matters more to me is the joy my son feels when he receives his idol jersey. He is six years old and he deserves it.“.

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Furthermore, Galines analyzed the free kick and left no doubt about his position: “I remember Messi, he scored a goal with my club in the Copa America (2021), I don’t want this. They criticized me as if any player had scored a goal and the best player in the world had done it to me. “

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The irritation that emerged in Rosario Central meant some journalists and fans questioned his feelings for Ecuador, a situation he was unwilling to let go of. “Some people even say I don’t love this country and they want me to score goals, which makes me sick. I’ve lived here for 12 years and I think I’ve shown a lot of respect and affection for this country. They always It’s that I wasn’t born here and I can’t argue with that because it wasn’t my decision. I’m Ecuadorian.I don’t like it when they mess with my nationality“.

Apart from these issues, Galíndez was key in Ecuador’s victory over Uruguay, blocking a header in the final play of the game despite concerns surrounding a possible penalty as Ecuador overwhelmed Uruguayan footballer Torres dispute.

Lionel Messi’s brilliant goal against Ecuador

Lionel Messi’s goal against Ecuador. (Video: TyC Sports)

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