Gaia Breglia is elected in 2021 as the youngest councilor in Italy.

Gaia Breglia is an adviser for youth policy, digitization and social communications in her hometown of Castelnuovo Scrivia in the province of Alessandria. And today she tells Vogue what it means to be a young woman in politics.

In 2021, Gaia Breglia was elected Italy’s youngest councilor: “I’m not sure yet,” she tells me via video link two years after the election. Barely of age, Gaia decides to apply with the list.”Together for Castelnuovoand, unexpectedly, she gets the most votes. From that moment began the political career of a young Piedmontese woman who decided to give her fellow citizens (more than) a reason to stay in Katselnuovo Writej. In Italy, which consists primarily of small towns, let’s find out with Assessor Breglia what it means to be a young woman fighting politics.

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What prompted you to get into politics?

In a small town like Castelnuovo Scrivia there were no initiatives for boys, something was missing that could force young people to stay in their country, and not oblige them to leave. This is where my desire to run came from: when I was elected, I realized that new generations want change, to be understood and represented.

Could you tell us about your typical day as an appraiser?

Every day is a little different. I usually have meetings with the guys from the council, during which I collect their ideas and suggestions, after which I take them to the council or city council to discuss. These are, first of all, evening meetings, which are clearly less in the summer for holidays, exams, and so on. But I’m always available.

Do you have relationships with schools?

Yes, cooperation between the municipality and schools continues. During the holidays of San Desiderio and San Giuseppe, the schools organize exhibitions, each year with a different theme. In 2023, the theme is fairy talesHow Rapunzel, which we install in our tower. In addition, in the near future, it is planned to reorganize one of the city squares, which will come from the ideas that children will draw on their school desks, from their desires.

At almost 20 years old, you are an advisor, you are a freshman at university, and also a lifeguard. How do you allocate your time so that everything fits together?

It’s not very easy, but I must admit playing sports as a child helped me. Swimming, which then led me to my lifeguard license, taught me how to better manage commitment, study, and give the right time to each thing. And then, the constant movement stimulates me.

Tell us about the charity concert for Thorton Hospital’s breast department that you’re doing in September.

It is a tradition that has been going on for 24 years and is managed by the Franca Cassola Pasquali Association, whose president is Helenio Pasquali. There are so many volunteers who contribute to this cause. This is the most important event in Castelnuovo, but not the only one: during the rest of the year, fundraising is constantly organized for the breast department of the Tortona hospital. The concert does not include a fixed entry fee, the donation is a description of the participant. Over the years there have been various important figures in Italian music, from Orietta Berti to Ricchi e Poveri. On September 9 this year, Maurizio Vandelli will be on our stage to pay tribute to Lucio Battisti. This is an event that gathers many people in our square, a prevention concert aimed at informing people.

What kind of feedback do you get from the community, especially from young people?

Although the very young tend to distance themselves from these considerations, I try involve them as much as possible: there are about forty young people in the youth council group, which I am very proud of. I did not expect such an important membership, it made me understand that there is a desire to be active citizens.

What is your relationship with social media? Are they useful in your work?

I am a very sociable girlmy course is called Communications, media and advertisingand in the future I would like to work in the world of digital communications. My delegation is an adviser on youth policy, digitization and social communication, so I also take care of the channels of the municipality, such as the consultation pages on Facebook and Instagram. This is a good way to promote initiatives and share moments that can intrigue and bring young people closer to politics.

In the professional field, how do you prefer to express your idea of ​​fashion?

I really like to wear shirts that I consider my boss passe-partout: elegant, but not too. I want my style to be sophisticated but always stay young.even in the most institutional situations.

What issues are closest to you and do they find a place in political debates?

The events of the last period should make us realize that we must do something toWednesday. In my own way, I plan to collaborate with Environment group and organize garbage collection in our country, always with the children. What follows is a much more complex discourse concerning alcohol and drugs. Even in small towns like Castelnuovo, this problem spreads very quickly, so quickly that you don’t even notice it. I would like to hear more about prevention and the risks they entail.

How do you see the relationship between youth and politics?

I don’t think there is much interest, which makes me sad. When you enter the field with your municipality’s civic list, political views should take a backseat: the main interest is the good of the country. I try to explain to my colleagues that we must act for this reason, and not because of the political overtones. However, what you see on TV does not help, does not arouse interest among young people.

What can be done to improve the situation?

Give young people more space and an opportunity to express their opinions, which are too often overlooked. Let them know that they can bring about real change. We the youth are the future if we are not asked what we want from the next few years, then who else?

Tell us what your future projects are.

Right now my priority study. I aim to complete this three-year course and then a master’s degree: I am a student first and foremost. I do not rule out continuing as an adviser, always at the municipal level. At the moment, I’m not interested in anything more, even if I leave all the doors open.

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