Galicia to test effectiveness of double flu vaccination in people under 80 years old

Xunta de Galicia will participate study This will check if high load vaccine More effectively Population aged 65 to 79. Currently, this method has been shown to be more beneficial than simple methods and has been used in people over the age of 80. More than 450,000 Galicians were invited to participate A new study was conducted by researchers from the Department of Health and the Genetics, Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Group (GENVIP) at the Institute of Health Research in San Diego (IDIS).

test named GALFLU According to La Galicia newspaper, this is “one of the largest vaccination operations carried out in Spain.”In the coming weeks, the entire Galician population aged 65 to 79 will be invited to voluntarily participate and they will be able to any large vaccination site Located in all health areas of Galicia.

The person selected will receive a text message in which the person will be called to participate Get flu and COVID-19 vaccines.Testing is about to begin Starting October 26th Designed to prove or refute the claim that dual vaccination is more beneficial than single-dose vaccination in this population range.this health department In this sense it was emphasized that “if the starting hypothesis is confirmed, Galicians in this age group will be the first to be able to benefit from this high-load vaccine.”

The vaccines that will be used are Efluelda and Influvac Tetra, the first being a high dose and the second a standard vaccine. In this sense, High-dose vaccine proven more effective Prevention of human influenza and its complications Over 80 years old, and is therefore routinely administered in this age group. In this study, we wanted to assess whether these benefits were replicated in people aged 65 to 79 years.

Everyone involved has a 50% chance of vaccination or others. Therefore, the Ministry of Health states that to participate in this study it is necessary to read the patient information sheet in detail and address all possible doubts. Finally, at the vaccination site, participants will be asked to sign an informed consent form to participate.Finally, research Does not imply participation in any clinical follow-up visits.

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