Georgina Rodriguez highlights a sports top that makes skin (it’s on sale at Pull&Bear for less than 6 euros)

For some time now, athleisure has become a trend that few people have stepped back from as a lifestyle choice. Upgrading the look of leggings with wide socks, patilas, and sweatshirts with a blazer is a philosophy, and it’s ours, even if it’s Georgina Rodriguez’s. The “influencer” is used to covering a lot of comfort, especially when traveling. Now come on and use it on countless cantidad de Sports items for, as your name suggests, training.and you know how to use your style to highlight your favorite parts of your body.

The aesthetic of the “influencer” is clear: she is constantly exposed to explosive attacks occurring throughout her body. Tailored dresses, very short skirts, short jeans with high buttons, racer-style tops… Obviously, this is not the only difference in the field of sports. In this case he came up with “total look” in pink whom he considers the main character A top that is especially loved by girls who want to wear it on their chest.. This is the best? Localized heart is the same ru Pull&Bear reduced to less than 6 euros.

Georgina Rodriguez


When it comes to choosing workout clothes, Georgina always looks for ‘shorts’ that accentuate her butt, but pair them with a top that has the same effect but is much better. It’s designed for athletes with thin straps in the perfect pink color to highlight your bronzed perm.

In this case, we found it much cheaper than the original price (which we give you because it will be very high), therefore with a sufficient discount and for less than 6 euros. Featuring a crossed shoulder pull, V-neck and channel fabric for a relaxed effect, this Pull&Bear version is “seamless” so you can also use it as an inner piece, for example to raise the hem of a shirt.




Credit: Pull&Bear

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