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American singer Taylor Swift is experiencing her best moments and everyone knows it. The thing is that in the last few days you have seen them up close with your friends and even your new friend.

But that’s not all, because the artist is also touring the world with “The Eras Tour” and recently released a movie related to it. This film has turned into one of the biggest red carpet writers in the world.

Taylor Swift’s last steps

Most recently, TMZ caught the singer with friends for a walk around the city of Los Angeles, USA.

There I am eating sushi with Selena Gomez and Zoe Kravitz at a place in West Hollywood. And it seems they all passed it very well, as they were seen returning and sleeping at the top of the place.

As we know, Selena and Taylor have been friends since 2008, when Taylor hung out with Joe Jonas and Selena hung out with Nick Jonas, so they kept passing by.

Zoe has also worked with Taylor in the past as one of the featured composers on Tay’s song “Lavender Haze,” featured on 2022’s Midnights album.

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Tay, Sel, Zoe

The singer joined the NFL player

Since there wasn’t much of him, lately the comment seemed to say a lot, and I’m sure that in this meeting of the girls he was the main character.

However, he must be in Kansas City training for the next games he’ll be attending.

According to TMZ, no one knows if Taylor will fly to Missouri to see him play later in the week, but if he does, you can be sure that both Taylor fans and NFL recruits will be excited to see her. She definitely got a big audience.

We also learned that the Chiefs star bought a new home in Kansas for just under $6 million to have a little more privacy.

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