Red Cross issues advice in response to cold front

As falling temperatures are reported across the country starting this week, the Guatemalan Red Cross has issued a series of recommendations for this time of year.

Guatemalan Red Cross authorities report that more cold fronts are expected to reach the country’s territory, which could affect the health of Guatemalans.

In response to this situation, the agency recommended through the year-end operating plan that children and the elderly, especially children and the elderly, pay attention to keeping warm, as low temperatures may increase the risk of asthma, bronchitis, or other complications.

In addition, the Red Cross will continue to monitor the possibility of landslides or landslides in order to respond to any such emergency.

The agency also called on Guatemalans to be alert to other diseases currently spreading, such as dengue fever or influenza.

Therefore, it is recommended that if someone develops unusual symptoms, they should seek medical attention at a health center or hospital as soon as possible. Also, remember to call the Red Cross emergency number if needed.

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