Gerania Mejías, beautiful Venezuelan, successful on social networks

Gerania Mejias, a beautiful Venezuelan born in the city of Bolivar, told us that she never really liked social networking, it never caught her attention, but one day she decided to do a photoshoot and that’s what she did for her His first Instagram account didn’t even have 5 followers at the time when he shot his first content, but that’s what made his social network explode, and today he has more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

Many people started liking my posts, people from all over the world followed me and I loved it, that’s when I decided to use my network more and upload more content until I got to where I am now, today I have Realize that everything has changed for the better, and through social networking.

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The world of influencers is not easy, says Gerania Mejias, a lot of people criticize everything, like how you dress, whether you have cellulite, how you do your makeup, in short, a lot of things, I have learned to control them before it affects me now A lot, I think it’s a part of people who can’t like the same color, the most important thing is that a person accepts who he is, the satisfaction of being an influencer is greater because it’s a pleasure to see what you follow How someone appreciates you in an unimaginable way without knowing you.

Thank you to everyone who supports me, thank you so much, because a lot of companies call me to promote their brands, I get a lot out of it, even though my social life is over, because they know too much where I come from, and they ask me for it Autographs or photos, it’s something I enjoy every day because my followers are my great family, I wouldn’t achieve anything without them, I thank them a thousand times, and whenever I can help, I will always do this.

When I was a kid I was modeling but I didn’t think it was for me until I fell on the runway and it wasn’t easy getting rid of my stage fright of the amount of people seeing me every day but I Having lost and controlled this fear, today I feel like I can walk and talk to anyone about anything.

For those who write to me every day asking what I should do to be like me, I tell them to be themselves, start from the bottom up, and the result of persistence and hard work is that their dreams won’t make it all happen. As long as they work hard for it, the goals they set will be achieved.

For me the foundation of success is humility, you have to be humble at all times, but from the heart, always in the hands of Almighty God, without Him there is nothing.

My project for this year is to continue my fajasbarbiefit line, this year I want to open a franchise for my brand and start a sportswear brand, with hard work and dedication, anything can be achieved.

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