Aqua Returns to Barbie World Tour

Aqua, world tour 25 years after Barbie Girl
Aqua, world tour 25 years after Barbie Girl – Photo by @AquaDK Instagram (

Extremely relevant thanks to the success of the Barbie film, Aqua announces new sightseeing tour

Almost 25 years have passed sinceexplosion of Aqua and Barbie Mania associated with their first song.

The band of Danish origin is still at the peak of popularity, associated primarily with the disco fashion and pop culture of the 90s.

Aquas and Mattel: War and Peace

And all this despite the ostracism Mattel, who always tried in every possible way to prevent their success, even from a legal point of view. Especially in an attempt to block their song dedicated to Barbie, their most famous product in the absolute sense of the word, with a song that, while not violating royalties and copyrights, definitely embarrassed the toy giant. But today it looks like Aqua have won their challenge and are ready to return to the stage with a new tour and new material.

The most sensational thing in their recent history is their own partnership agreement with Mattel who, in fact, realizing that she would never beat the Danish group in court, decided to go for an agreement that would suit both. barbie girlThe worldwide success of Aqua, became part of the soundtrack to the blockbuster movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, finally relaunching a group that, in truth, never faced a crisis.

Symbol of the 90s.

Just a few months ago, before the release of the film, Aquas attracted thousands of people during several nostalgic events dedicated to the disco-pop of the 90s, and in our country.

But the success of re-releasing their old song to promote the film was so sensational that the band announced their official return with a series of lightning-fast concerts across the United States.

Aqua in front of the American public at one of the last shows
Aqua in front of the American public at one of the last shows – Photo by @AquaDK Instagram (

First date in Paramount Theater in Seattle on November 12, with stops in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Las Vegas, and will conclude at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on December 20.

Tour that stretches

Tickets are on pre-sale from today, it looks like they won’t be available for a very long time. In fact, the organizers of the tour expect a full house almost everywhere and – for this very reason – they have set up an extremely flexible calendar that allows for encores where possible. Generally about twenty dates planned a little less than forty days. But the list of shows can expand significantly.

Lena Nystrom today
Lene Nyström today – Credits to @AquaDK Instagram (

Starting a meeting like a real one world tour and given the fact that the hype surrounding the publication of a Barbie movie will definitely not subside in the coming weeks, and may continue until Christmas, with the promotion of a new line of toys related to the famous doll, up to the distribution of home videos, it seems certain that Aqua Tour Continues both in Asia and in Australia and Europe.

Margot Robbie wanted it

Everything contrary song “Aqua” it was not intended to be included directly on the soundtrack, which Mattel would have liked to have avoided. But there is also a cover by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, in which the two singers sample original compositions from the classics of the 90s.

It’s funny what one of Aqua’s fans is Margot Robbie who insisted strongly on the production of the film and on Mattel to include the song in the script at all costs. So much so that the classic was revived by two interpreters to whom the actress is deeply attached both from a personal and friendly point of view.

These are the dates for the Barbie World Tour 2023.

12 – Seattle, Washington, Paramount Theater
14 – San Francisco, California, Freemasonry
16 – Riverside, California, Municipal Auditorium
19 – San Diego, California, home of the blues
20 – Phoenix, Arizona, Van Buren
22 – Houston, Texas, home of the blues
24 – Austin, Texas, Emo
26 – New Orleans, Louisiana, Fillmore
27 – Atlanta, Georgia, Buckhead Theater
28 – Lake Buena Vista, Florida, home of the blues

4 – Silver Spring, Maryland, Fillmore
5 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fillmore
6 – Boston, Massachusetts, home of the blues
10 – Detroit, Michigan, Fillmore
12 – Chicago, Illinois, home of the blues
13 – Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fillmore
15 – Denver, Colorado, Summit
17 – Salt Lake City, Utah, Depot
19 – Las Vegas, Nevada, home of the blues
20 – Los Angeles, California, Hollywood Palladium

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