Hot scandal in Venice? This is what Kanye West and his wife are accused of

The rapper in the company of Bianca Censori catalyzes attention with flashes, and the pictures go viral.

Published:31-08-2023 11:24

Last update:31-08-2023 11:24

ROME – Eightieth Edition Venice Film Festival it had just opened, and the first scandal had already erupted. All thanks to Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori.married, according to rumors, on January 13 last year.

The rapper spent the summer months in Italy and also appeared in Rome as a guest at a Travis Scott concert at the Circus Maximus. Last week, the artist was spotted in Florence walking barefoot through the center.


Now West has arrived in Venice, catalyzing all the outbreaks. A 46-year-old man was caught with his pants down in a taxi. crossing the Grand Canal with his wife and friend. Before him is Bianca, who, according to the English press, would be “knelt down”. The three of them then went to a restaurant in the lagoon for lunch.

Pictures taken by the numerous mobile phones of those present could now end up in the hands of the authorities for evaluation. In the event of a positive match, West risks filing a complaint for indecency in a public place.

Kim Kardashian’s ex-wife fears

According to The Sun, ex-wife Kim Kardashian will be concerned about the new photos that have appeared with Bianca: “How will he explain everything to the children? She is embarrassed and worried about him– says a source close to the heiress and entrepreneur – wandering barefoot with champagne down the street, something is clearly not right. It’s hard for her, because as soon as she thinks she can move forward, something like that happens and she finds herself in this situation.”

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