Get the fiber you need every day with these tips

According to a study conducted by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, We Spaniards only eat half of the recommended daily intake.. We keep the recommended intake of this substance at 12.5% ​​of 25 grams, which has many benefits for our gut health.

In recent years, supermarkets have a wide variety of products. Industrial foods sold as sources of fiber.They are, but They also provide us with lots of sugar. Some examples are energy bars or cereals commonly used for breakfast.from mine magazine they tell us Tips for consuming fiber No need to resort to these products.

Add to seedFor example, chia seedsFor our yogurt, this is a small gesture through which we can increase our fiber intake.Another food we can add to dairy products is oatmeal, we will also consume protein and healthy fats. Likewise, broccoli may start to play a more important role in our diets, as it provides us with 2.6 grams of fiber per 100 servings.

The magazine also noted that people who choose to drink orange juice in the morning should prepare it themselves and put the packaging aside, although Your best bet is to eat the whole piece of fruitbecause then it won’t lose any properties.

Choose from comprehensive options, the best advice

Eating whole grains is a very simple way to increase the fiber intake in your diet.this mine magazineAdditionally, we recommend adding wheat pasta Avocado and fresh spinach, with this recipe we get a lot of substances that help with intestinal transit.

Use whole wheat bread instead of white bread This is also a habit that we must add to our diet, since the first option contains 8.5% fiber, the second gives us 2.2%, according to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN).The same should be true ricebecause the integral contains three times as much of this substance as the white.

Other tips are to use chickpea flour Replace the batter with wheat or increase your intake of dried fruits, as foods such as figs or raisins contain close to 10% fiber per 100 grams. Also recommended, among the classic snacks before lunch, Use olives instead of bagged chipsin addition to being healthier, they also contain 3.2 grams of fiber per 100 servings.

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