The competition between the best Italian racers put on a spectacular show on the Roman coast.

More than a hundred athletes compete in the penultimate competition for the Italian title.



The fourth stage of the Italian Jet Ski Championship took place in Fiumicino, coming to the city of Lazio for the first time. The event, scheduled from 15 to 17 September and organized by ASD CAST SUB ROMA under the auspices of the Italian Powerboat Federation, lived up to expectations with the participation of more than one hundred athletes. Sunday also saw the visit of the Minister of Sports and Youth, Andrea Abodi, who, together with the mayor of Fiumicino, Mario Baccini, the deputy of the Fiumicino district, Luciano Ciocchetti, congratulated the athletes present and awarded several promising young talents in the sport, three young riders who distinguished themselves in 2022: Naomi Benini , Arianna Urlo and Davide Pontecorvo.

The landscapes of the Tiber Delta served as a backdrop for the evolution of the best Italian pilots, who put on a show in front of numerous enthusiasts and passers-by in the pond in front of Piazzale Mediterraneo.

“I’m glad to be here, this is my debut in the world of jet skis, I’m filling one of my many gaps, I’ve discovered a fascinating world. Meanwhile, I see a great organization, a great welcome on this beach, a municipal organization that is extremely forward-thinking and understands that it is necessary to organize large events on the water, respecting the sea and the great enthusiasm of young sailors. even fourteen year olds and young adults are the heart of my Sports and Youth mission. I am happy to be here and, above all, to reward them,” said Minister of Sports and Youth Andrea Abodi.

“The extraordinary organizational and competitive environment of the 2023 Italian Aquatics Championships in Fiumicino was complemented by the prestigious visit of the Minister of Sports Andrea Abodi, the Mayor of Fiumicino Mario Baccini and the MP for the Fiumicino region, among whom is another great friend of the sport, Luciano Ciocchetti. I believe that there could not have been a better situation, both from an organizational, but also a logistical and competitive point of view, as on the second day of the competition of this stage. I congratulate the local organizer, the Municipality of Fiumicino, all the teams and riders who, as always, put on a great sporting spectacle, but allowed the first person in charge of managing our sporting activities to realize our capabilities, as well as our future potential. – Vincenzo Iaconianni, President of the Italian Powerboat Federation.

“Fiumicino is and will increasingly become a city of sports, especially water and sand sports. We plan events nationally and internationally and hosting this jet ski event is important to us today. Congratulations to the organizers. I want to thank the local police, all civil protection associations, the Red Cross, the port authority and everyone involved in making this event the success it deserves.” Mayor of Fiumicino, Mario Baccini

“Fiumicino has an excellent sports initiative, in which many girls and boys, even very young ones, participate. Stage of the Italian Jet Ski Championship. Fiumicino welcomed hundreds of teams with warmth and love. This is not just a great sporting event, but also a culture of maritime safety. Jet skiing and water skiing are exciting sports activities that can be practiced at any age. Thanks to the Italian Powerboat Federation and its National President, Cast Sub 2000, the Municipality of Fiumicino and Mayor Mario Baccini, the Region of Lazio and President Francesco Rocca, Minister Andrea Abodi who wanted to take part today. . I have accepted the request of Fabio Bertolacci and Giorgio Viscione to ensure the maximum success of this great sporting initiative. It would be nice for Fiumicino to become the center of motor sports in Lazio,” said Fiumicino district deputy Luciano Ciocchetti.

Also present was the Councilor for Sports, Culture, Tourism, Anniversaries, Work and Vocational Training of the Municipality of Fiumicino, Valentina Torresi, who stated: “Today is not only beautiful and pleasant, but above all interesting, because I obviously have a delegation for this an event that, among other things, I experience it first hand because I love all sports, but especially the water element is a great pleasure, the organization was simply perfect and the visit and participation of Minister Abodi and Mayor Mario Baccini was the icing on the cake. Both Minister Abodi and Mayor Baccini had some excellent words to say in this area and also promised continued engagement. I strive to ensure that even the smallest federations have enough space in this area, because young people need to know all sports. This kind of sport is a sport to be practiced, which allows you to be in constant contact with nature and the water element, which is also fundamental for the psychophysical mood of young people. This is just the beginning, we intend to bring all sports disciplines here, not only in water, but especially starting with small federations. “he states


Formula 1 Ski confirmed the dominance of Daniele Piscagli, ahead of his rival Matteo Benini and Andy Trasmondi, while in the Formula 1 Ski Veterans victory went to Gianfranco Oliveri, second Andreas Reiter and third Luca Pilot. F2 skiing: Gianfranco Oliveri took the win ahead of Luca Pilot and Matteo Frolla. In Ski Superjet, Marco Maria Santucci took first place ahead of Marcantonio Oliveri and Lino Brusadina.

In SKI F3, Paolo Petronelli triumphed, followed by Valerio Dente and Antonio Retta in third place. Having no opponents in the category of skiers among boys 15-18 years old, Naomi Benini won, Valerio Dente was second, and Antonio Retta was third. In the SKI Open, first Andy Trasmondi, then Lino Brusadin and in third place Valerio Dente. In the men’s Spark Youth 12-14 tournament Francesco Bassenghi took gold, followed by Ciro Taranto and followed by Daniele Ascione, while the women’s Spark Youth 12-14 tournament recorded victory for Nicole Cadei over Adele Tomassini and Elisa Tiberi.


Davide Di Maio proved himself in Runabout F1, ahead of Manuel Reggiani and Stefano Castronovo. Runabout F1 veterans instead sanctioned victory for Stefano Castronovo over Giuseppe Greco and Lorenzo Benaglia, finishing second and third respectively in that category. In Runabout F2, Michele Marras took first place ahead of Gaetano Costagliola and Stefano Castronovo, while Runabout F4 was dominated by Davide Pontecorvo, with Antonio Pontecorvo in second and Davide Santini in third.

In Runabout F4 Veterans, Daniele Dalemmo prevailed over Walter Nanni and Alberto Santini. Runabout F4 Novice recorded victory for Lorenzo Bravetti over Francesco Mancini and Adele Tomassini. Finally, in the women’s Runabout F4, a race worth remembering was Arianna Urlo, who got the better of Naomi Benini on the second step of the podium and Ilaria Vanni in third.


Emanuele Sala took the first step of the F1 Endurance podium, Sorbic Slobodan took second place, ten points back, followed by Youri Tiozzo. In F2 Endurance, Sorbic Slobodan reasserts himself with the highest podium position in this category, ahead of Pierantonio Rizzardo and Alberto Santini.


In the men’s Spark Youth 15–18 tournament, Antonio Retta was ahead of Emanuele Pontecorvo and Francesco Mortellaro in second and third place respectively. However, in the women’s Spark Youth 15-18 tournament, the crowd witnessed a great performance by Ludovica Urlo, who finished ahead of Stella De Luca and Martina Lucia. Instead, the Ski Open was the preserve of Andy Trasmondi, followed by Lino Brusadin and then Valerio Dente. Finally, in the 12-14 ski youth, Alessio Ascione has the upper hand over Adriano Hirsch and Adele Tommasini, who are ten and eighteen points behind him.

The fifth and final stage of the 2023 Italian Aquatics Championships will take place in Civitavecchia from 6 to 8 October.

The organizers of the relevant events will design all competition fields.


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