Gigi Hadid’s chic palazzo pants

Summer 2023 is already coming to life, with record temperatures reaching parts of Italy and the sun already beating down early in the morning. All this inevitably affects the wardrobe: on the one hand, you always want to wear only shorts and T-shirts, on the other hand, you have to fight the chilling waves of the air conditioner that flood any indoor space these days. If other layers can always be layered on tops and sleeveless shirts, then the same does not apply to the bottom, which therefore must be covered, but to a wide, soft and light bottom. And what boss would best sum up those three words, if not a couple palazzo trousers? Always synonymous with effortless elegance, they can be worn all day and can be chosen from an endless variety of designs to suit the occasion: for evening outings, go for iridescent options like the Giorgia Soleri satin trouser suit, while in the morning you can opt for more neutral but no less vibrant styles. shades. Examples of this i beige palazzo trousers wore Gigi Hadid on some frames distributed in recent days on social networks.

Summer fashion 2023, Gigi Hadid’s chic palazzo trousers

Shortly before flying to Versailles to walk the catwalk de Le Shuchou Jakemus, Gigi Hadid she was immortalized in New York City with a casual chic outfit that didn’t go unnoticed. The main characters of the outfit are the gods palazzo trousers with a high waist in gentle beige tones. The product has a soft enveloping line and is decorated on the front and back with several darts that form the silhouette.

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To match them, Gigi Hadid opted for a simple white t-shirt, one of celebrity’s favorite summer pieces. And as she was about to leave, the model completed the ensemble with a beige woven shirt and a leather jacket, probably to protect herself from the extreme temperature changes during the trip.

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