Gilbert Arenas calls out hypocrisy in LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate

Gilbert Arenas is fed up with the double standards in the “GOAT” debate between Lakers star LeBron James and Bulls icon Michael Jordan.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have experienced some ups and downs at the start of the 2023-24 NBA season. The Lakers are currently 19-19 as the season nears its midpoint, but James continues to be an All-NBA team in his 21st season despite being 39 years old.

Recently, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas spoke out. Jill’s Arena Show podcast closure Some of the age-related hypocrisy in the greatest-ever debate between James and Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan referenced Jordan’s efforts to win in his later years with the Washington Wizards.

“History has proven it’s a compliment to LeBron James that when you complain about him complaining about his team being bad at 39 years old, it means you still think he should impact the game at a high level,” Arenas said . “But the greatest player of all time was 38, 39 years old when he played with the Wizards, and you’re not holding him to any fucking standard. You all looked at that team and said, ‘Oh, these damn things, Sorry, yeah, they’re not good, Jordan, just play ball.'”

In fact, Michael Jordan “GOAT” critics do tend to skip the last few years of his career, while James led the Lakers to multiple playoff appearances, including a championship in 2020, when his N.B.A. His career has entered his twilight years.

Regardless, the Lakers will next look to get back above .500 when they host the Phoenix Suns on January 11.

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