Young man dies from flu complications

Quenten Thomas, 27, passed away recently This has raised all sorts of suspicions about the young man’s condition, as complications arise from common flu cases. He is also a family man.

Thomas’ story has become a hot topic Because the way he died was rather strange, he was a relatively healthy person, that is to say, he had no previous diseases that could affect him.

The young father of three is no longer close to him because his condition is getting worse day by day, despite the medical care he received in hospital. The victim cannot overcome the situation.

Quinton’s father, Robert Thomas talks to NBC News about his son Symptoms are extremely persistent at firstbecause they did not have complete control over themselves; later complications began to arise.

That man at that moment severe difficulty breathingIt was difficult for him to breathe properly and the coughing was too painful, plus he was constantly choking.It hurts to cough He has trouble breathing“.

When he decided to seek professional help He bought an oximeter, which showed worrying not recording normal numbers because they are much lower than common numbers.

Although they sent him home with regular care the first time he came, they ended up having to keep him because the second time he came It is necessary to connect him to an artificial respirator and induce coma.

The efforts of both sides were in vain. Quinton died on January 6But they recently announced his case, which raised concerns about the strange way his entire health suddenly deteriorated.

thomas He leaves behind an 8-year-old girl, an 11-month-old baby and another 1-month-old girl..

Influenza cases in the United States

Dr. Dhaval Desai, hospital medical director at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, spoke with NBC News about treating patients with severe flu illness in a diverse population.

Although coughs, sore throats, runny noses and even fevers are common symptoms, the fact is that this time they saw Severe symptoms include dehydration, wheezing, severe muscle pain and high temperature.


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