Giorgia Giacometti returns with the new single “Come sei bella” and relies on Mina’s producer

Giorgia Giacometti is back on the radio who, after a path of personal research and artistic growth, denotes extreme personality and professionalism, as well as attention to detail. Through writing, Giorgia finds the maximum expression of that more emotional and therefore extremely instinctive and pure side. The new single, available on the radio and in all digital stores, is entitled Come Sei Bella, a refined pop that tells a story that develops between memory and reality, an indelible love of a person who is no longer there.

“The song tells of my aunt, who passed away a few years ago – he explains. We started from a beat initially created for the song entitled “Sai di Me”, with a melodic cell built in a pop rock world. During the production we veered towards a softer direction, promising to use this beat for a future song. Thus was born “Come Sei Bella”, a pop adaptation that “winks at the 70s”. The song is produced by Maestro Ugo Bongianni (producer and arranger of Mina) and arranged by Chris Gehringer in Sterling Sound Studio in New Jersey.

In the summer of 2021 I was a guest at an event at Villa Bertelli, in Forte dei Marmi; I was understage waiting to go up to perform the performance, next to me was Ugo Bongianni. We introduced ourselves and promised to meet again in the future. From the first moments there was a great harmony; he gave me the charge and I went on stage.

From American to Latin music, Giorgia experiments with new musical genres and lets herself be carried away by emotions. Among the artists she respects, they depict Justin Bieber for pop, Rauw Alejandro for latin and Russ for rap. With the release of “Come Sei Bella”, the young singer-songwriter has plans for other singles to be released this year. My goal – she explains – is to reach as many people as possible and that they can experience me and experience themselves through my music ”.

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