Giulia De Lellis’ ankle boots are cool

After UGGs Ultra-mini and the boots Mou, another anti-cold shoe has just become part of the guilty pleasures for the winter season. Word of Giulia De Lellis, who in some photos on Instagram showed off a preppy-style look broken up by a pair of ankle boots with an unusual shape. A debate immediately arose in the comments under the post between those who appreciated the jaunty mood of this shoe and those who indulged in unflattering judgments. Meanwhile, the question that everyone asked was: «What brand are the shoes worn by GDL?»

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The color and the material make them look like the most famous padded ankle boots in the fashion system, but the more attentive eyes will not have missed the differences in the silhouette between the two shoes. In smooth suede, with ton sur ton stitching and lined in soft shearling, the comfy shoes spotted at the feet of Giulia De Lellis are signed by the designer Amina Muaddi. The latter is among the most appreciated shoe designers by celebs, such as Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner, especially for her unmistakable geometric heel sandals, recently worn by GDL herself with a pair of cargo pants.

Shoes 2023, Giulia De Lellis’ ankle boots are Amina Muaddi

ugg brown boots giulia de lellis


In accordance with the season’s trend, Amina Muaddi has also created a pair of padded ankle boots. They are called Heidi and exist in two versions: one in black leather that recalls the classics Moon Boots and the other in suede, like the model worn by Giulia De Lellis. To match it, the influencer chose a black pleated miniskirt, a white shirt and a sweater from the Philosophy x Peanuts capsule collection, on which the image of Snoopy.

Halfway between a pair of slippers and mini sleeping bags (in English they are in fact called «Sleeping bag shoes»), these very warm boots are back among the most desired accessories for winter 2023, thanks also to the nostalgic revival of 2000s fashion. And if UGGs were once recognized as the cozy shoes par excellence, now that the trend is back, new models with similar shapes have appeared on the scene. The same Californian brand has updated its collection, creating the Ugg variant Ultra-mini with platforms, among the season’s obsessions of every it-girl, from Gigi to Bella Hadid.

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