Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, first shots of the sea from the set of a new rom com

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney are the protagonists of a new romantic comedy: the first images from the set, which have already gone viral, show both at the beach in a bathing suit.

Glen Powell And Sydney Sweeney they will soon divide the scene into one new rom com. At the time of the project very little is known, even the title has not yet been revealed, but i first shots from the set propose the two protagonists in bathing suits. Filming appears to have officially begun, with both actors in Australiaprecisely in Sydney, engaged in a cooling bath.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell on the set of the rom com in bathing suits

Both leads have left their mark on the entertainment industry. On one side we have Glen Powell who dusted off his notoriety with Top Gun: Maverick, where he played an arrogant and talented pilot who supports Tom Cruise’s character. On the other we find Sydney Sweeney, who owes much of her success to the character of Cassie in Euphoria. Recently, however, the actress has also demonstrated her talent in The White Lotus, The Voyeurs And Night Teeth. And before long, Marvel/Sony audiences will finally be able to find out more about his character in Madame Webset in the Spider-Verse starring Dakota Johnson. Sydney Sweeney’s casting was announced a while ago and there are rumors that she will play Spider Woman. As you specify ScreenRant, very few details of the romantic comedy are known, except the filming location. And it is precisely from Australia that the first shots arrive. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell appear in swimming suitto the sea, and show a certain understanding.

In the first shots that went viral on the net, both show off their bodies aboard what appears to be a boat off the coast. And that’s all we know about the project at the moment, other than the fact that it’s directed by Will Gluck. The latter is not new to the world of rom coms. Previously, in fact, he directed Easy Girl with Emma Stone and Bed friends. Recently, however, he has approached the world of Peter Rabbitwith a first film released in 2018 and with a sequel A rogue on the run of 2021. As you specify ScreenRantthe rom com does not have an official title, but according to some rumors it could point to Anyone But You (Anyone but you).

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