Golden bikini Deva Kassel cool

Let’s face it: I metal costumes they play their own competition. From Kim Kardashian to Kylie Jenner, there are plenty of celebrities who have restarted the gold pink bikini trend. Barbie or silver, in anticipation of summer 2023. It is no coincidence that special attention is paid to the SKIMS collection, in which they are the main characters. There is also one of the style icons who decided to spend the holidays in a sparkling bikini. Virgin Cassel.

The account @devacassel.bellucci showed a vision of the Virgin sunbathing by the sea in a golden swimsuit in the last week of July. In the picture, the young model, born from the marriage of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, seems determined to take a selfie with a friend while she is forced to keep one eye closed due to too much sun. And to immediately attract attention, it is very bright. golden bikini in the trend of the season.

Fashion for summer 2023, Deva Kassel’s gold swimsuit is the bikini to wear now.

Wrapped in iridescent golden cloth metallic bikini From Virgin Cassel it consists of a bandeau top with a lace-up that ties at the front instead of the back of the neck, forming a kind of cut-out at the chest, and plain underpants with the same shiny texture. To complete the look, the young model wore a pair of small dangling earrings (gold) and black rectangular sunglasses with a logo (gold) on the side.

In addition, it is impossible not to notice the decision of the Virgin Kassel not to shave her armpits. This choice shatters one of the main clichés about women’s bodies, sending an important positive message, especially to her generation.

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