in trouble composer of Tim Burton and Spider-Man

The musician denies everything, calling the claims “vicious and completely false accusations.”

Prolific film and television composer Danny Elfman – known for creating the soundtrack for The Simpsons and films such as The nightmare before christmas, Men in Black, Spiderman and most recently the Netflix series Wednesday – was held liable for breach of contract due to non-payment of severance pay he was owed to one of his colleagues. In addition, it turns out that the musician gave the police some of them in 2017. bad behavior.

The new investigation has been published on rolling stone claims that Elfman sexually harassed Abadi’s names, pianist and composer, nominated for Grammy Awards in 2015 and 2016. Elfman denies the allegations. Now Abadi is suing Elfman for breach of contract for not paying all severance pay.

rolling stone discovers a police report Abadi filed in Los Angeles in November 2017 in which he claims that the famous composer he masturbated in front of her several times. The police classified the charges as “indecent behavior”. Elfman claimed that this never happened and described their relationship as “Platonic”adding that Abadi tried “hunted him romantically and that she got revenge on him after refusing his advances”.

In the article the author rolling stone it is also alleged that Danny Elfman forced Abadi to do a nude photo shoot, stating that it would “art service”which he denies. He is also accused of sending Abadi a photo of a glass with semen in it.. diversity reports that the composer emailed a photo of a glass with the caption “to excite your imagination”. Elfman says it was a glass of moisturizer and he classified the email as “A provocative slogan that was supposed to be a joke”.

Danny Elfman’s response to the accusations

“How do I respond to such serious accusations when innocence is not an effective defense? It’s sad to know that a 50 year career could be ruined in a news cycle by harsh and totally false allegations of sexual harassment.”said Danny Elfman rolling stone. “Abadie’s claims are simply not true. I allowed someone to get close to me, not knowing that I was his childhood love and that his intention was to force me to leave my wife. When this person realized that I wanted to leave her, she made it clear that I would pay for the rejection. I allowed a reckless friendship to have far-reaching consequences, and this oversight is entirely my fault. I did nothing indecent or wrong, my lawyers are ready to prove with voluminous evidence that these statements are false.

rolling stone he spoke to Abadi’s numerous friends, who confirmed many of his claims. The report says that Abadi’s friends remember his happiness when he met Elfman in 2015, and that “she hoped that he would take her as a student and that this would be a springboard for his career”. Added to the report: “Abadie visited Elfman at his recording studio several times during the year, where allegations of harassment allegedly took place”. A report compiled by the LAPD states that “Elfman’s behavior has gone from seemingly friendly to inappropriate over the course of the year”. In one of the episodes described, Elfman would open the door of his recording studio in a dressing gown, with no clothes underneath, explaining that “This is how he liked to work”. Abadi said in his police report that the composer insisted that masturbation would help “with his work”.

Abadi is an activist and has spoken to the media in the past about corruption and toxicity in the music industry, saying that the movement #Me too he ignored the world of composers. Earlier this year, a woman joined a group of victims of sexual harassment at a press conference held during the Grammys to call on the music industry to stop allowing rape culture. Abadi is the founder Women Composers Safety League (FCSL), an organization dedicated to empowering women working in the industry. He said he intends to report toxic and offensive conditions that are not controlled in recording studios.

Elfman has been one of the most influential and influential composers in film scoring since the 1980s. Having written over 100 film scores in a career spanning four decades, he is known for his longtime collaboration with director Tim Burton.

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