Lithuanian hospitals commemorate Hepatitis Day

Lithuania, July 28, 2023.- Every year on July 28, the world commemorates Hepatitis Day, a disease that affects the function of the liver and can damage other organs. The most common types of viral hepatitis are hepatitis A, B, and C, which can lead to other, more serious complications.

Within the above framework, Litueche Hospital commemorates this date through the intervention of the clinical laboratory health team and provides the user community with information and educational material on the causes, types and preventive measures of hepatitis. Dr. Daniela Carrasco, emergency manager at the care center, explained that, “Those who were present, even those in the waiting room, were given the necessary information about the clinical cause and the future impact of the illness.” “

He added, “This is a very enriching intervention for both patients and officials, because in addition, screening is performed for the main viruses that cause chronic liver damage in the future, namely hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses.”

During the day, the health team collected blood surface antigen samples from users for investigation. In total, nearly 200 tests for hepatitis B and C were performed.

Regarding testing, the professional insisted that “many patients report having hepatitis in childhood, but they don’t know the cause, and after being screened and learning how the B and C viruses are transmitted, they go to the hospital. “Looking for their relatives to do the same shows that they have learned the importance of knowing about this disease. Patients are very grateful for the opportunity to be tested quickly.”

Finally, Dr. Andrea Vald├ęs, director of the health agency, highlighted this initiative and made a strong call for people to prevent such diseases “Our health team is committed to the prevention and investigation of hepatitis B and C, and also emphasizes hepatitis screening for pregnant women to prevent Vertical transmission. As a medical institution, we urge the community to take precautionary measures such as using condoms, and if you have tattoos, please verify that tattoos are performed at authorized locations. We thank all officials who participated in the event and those who came to the booth to be inspected and obtain information on prevention and Patients disseminating information on measures”.

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