Good weather extends the open-air cinema season in Sturl: here is the program until September 17th.

Genoa. Another week of open-air cinema in Sturla Gardens. The Circuito sul Mare season continues. from 11 to 17 September with a selection of the best films of the season. A unscheduled extension decided to print due to good weather, summer temperatures and the demands of an increasingly large public that frequents the site of the Sturla purifier in Via del Tritone in Vernazzola. Everything as usual: sun loungers, headphones for a quiet movie, wooden table, snacks and drinks in the bistro.. Move forward without interruption to enjoy the seaside projections for as long as possible, while the screen cuts through a panorama stretching from Boccadasse to Monte di Portofino. Not by chance, Elle weekly ranked Circuito sul Mare among the most beautiful arenas in Italy..

Monday, September 11The animated family film “Elemental” by Peter Sohn will be the first title of the fourth wave: it tells the events of the unusual couple Amber and Wade (she is fire, he is water) in a city where the inhabitants, that is, fire, water, earth and air, live strictly separated to zones. Tuesday, September 12 we continue with one of the revealing titles of the season “Page d’Amuri”, the first work of Beppe Fiorello, telling the true story of two boys (played by Samuele Segreto and Gabriele Pizzurro) in Sicily in the 1980s: pure attraction that not even they knew , that in a retrograde and rural environment a scandal arises that ends in tragedy. The title quotes a Franco Battiato song.

Wednesday, September 13 François Ozon’s My Crime returns, focusing on a unique female rebellion: in Paris in 1935, actress Madeleine Verdier (Nadia Tereshkevich) is wrongly accused of murdering her producer. Instead of defending himself, he takes responsibility for the crime to expose society’s misogyny. She ends up in prison, but the consensus gained through her gesture brings her success.

Thursday, September 14 It’s time for the costume film “Jeanne du Barry”. The King’s Favorite” Maiwenn, dedicated to the last lover of Louis XV at the court of Versailles, the daughter of the people, dreaming and achieving social ascent. With Maiwenn herself, Johnny Depp, Benjamin Laverne.

Friday, September 15 space of summer success, Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, about the story of a Mattel doll who leaves her world, Barbieland, because it no longer meets the required perfection.

The last title on the list is Justin Simien’s The Haunted Mansion, a fantasy comedy released in late August. Saturday, September 16. Starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, it is a remake of Rob Minkoff’s 2003 film of the same name. The story centers on a woman and her son who turn to a diverse group of experts to free a haunted house. supernatural intruders. Times change and tools improve: in this case, mediums use a quantum camera to find ghosts.

The week ends with a performance by the most famous archaeologist in film history, Indiana Jones. Sunday, September 17, In Sturl, adventure and fun are the ingredients of James Mangold’s Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Doom, where Harrison Ford fights the Nazis and is destined to take an extraordinary journey through time.

land screenings begin at 9:15 p.m. The bistro is open for those who want snacks and drinks. For movies For Italians and Europeans, the special “Cinema Revolution” rate is 3.50 euros..

“Circuito sul mare” is presented by Circuito, created by Alesbet and Centroculturale Carignano with the support of BPER:Banca, City Green Light and Almo Nature – Fondazione Capellino, in collaboration with Giardino Giardini Genova di Green Solution, Istituto Superiore “Bernardo”. Marsano”, Technical Green Studio, Municipality of Centro Levante. Sponsored by Unipol Sai.


Sun lounger ticket: €8.50 (full); 7 euros (discount)
Ticket for the stairs: 6 euros.
Until September 16 for all Italian and European films marked with an asterisk in the program (D’Amuri’s Page on September 12, My Crime on September 13, Jeanne du Barry – the King’s Favorite on September 14). ) flat rate ticket €3.50 – The Cinema Revolution initiative, promoted and funded by the Ministry of Culture, which reimburses cinemas €3 for each individual ticket.
Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Gardens in Via del Tritone half an hour before the start of the performance; in the halls of Circuito Genova; at the ticket totem in the Petit Courtyard of the Doge’s Palace; online at

The program may undergo changes regardless of the will of the organizers. The ticket is non-refundable. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the screening will be canceled and a voucher will be issued to be used within 30 days. in all arenas and halls of the circuit. The program is available in a printable version at

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