Google Maps Expert Mode: 10 Advanced Tips and Unknown Features

Today there is Diversity of applications These functions are useful when finding the best route to an address, knowing whether there is more or less vehicle traffic to the area we are going to, or even specifying the location of a point of interest.

Google Map It is one of the affiliate tools used for this purpose and many users even prefer it because it also it’s easy to use and understand. However, it has multiple features and tricks that some people are unaware of, and this ignorance prevents them from taking full advantage of it.

Sharing locations on Google Maps can be a very useful strategy between drivers to determine the best route to meet up.
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Never get lost with these tips thanks to Google Maps

So, this time we will tell you about those advanced features that you don’t know about. Google Map. Once you understand them, it will become easier to reach your destination and you will be able to operate in the tool with higher skills.

Sort favorite places

This feature allows you to create a list of your favorite places, and you can even create multiple lists. To do this, you have to go to the “Saved” tab in Google Maps, where you will find the default list, but you can create a new one. Not only does this keep everything organized, but in addition to having your regular places on hand, you can also include destinations on your list that you don’t know yet but are dying to visit.

scroll icon

You don’t have to settle for the usual blue icon that shows you along your route; if you hold down the icon, other vehicle icon options appear. This way you can “personalize” your app with your favorite apps and make yourself unique.

Privacy features

Privacy is a very important aspect and if you don’t want to keep a record of your routes, you can configure incognito mode. Find the menu, go to the Manage Account option and select “Activate Incognito Mode”. This way, your journey will leave no trace and you’ll maintain the privacy you desire.

Google Maps Navigation.
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Display amount

There may be situations where the Google Maps directions sound louder or quieter; this can also be configured to the user’s preference. To increase or decrease the volume, go into the navigation settings and adjust as needed.

Keep the map facing north

Many times confusion arises when the map does not show us a route to the north, but if you go into the “Map Display” options you can configure this in the “Keep the map facing north” section. This will put you in a very good position and make it easier to follow the instructions.

check transit

Just below your profile photo is a layer icon, and when you display it you will have the “Traffic” option to check car traffic in certain areas. It’s best to take advantage of this feature before heading to your destination so you can avoid traffic jams or inconvenient routes.

The coordinates of any point on the map

Select any point on the map and if you hold it, a red dot will appear and you will get all the details and coordinates of the selected point by showing the bar that appears at the bottom.

Google Maps is the most popular navigation application in the world as it provides real-time traffic reports among other benefits.
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distance between two points

Calculate the straight line distance between two selected places, but to measure it you have to do it in the computer version. Find the pop-up menu and select the “Measure distance” option.

driving mode

Google Maps has added a “driving mode” that allows you to see the bottom bar during your journey, which is a very practical assistant.

route radar

If you’re planning a trip, using Google Maps you can find the locations of speed cameras along the route. To do this we simply generate a route and place the radar on the route marked on the map.

There are a lot of very useful tools out there, but if you don’t learn to navigate them and understand all their capabilities and potential, it would be a waste to have them without knowing how to enjoy them.

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