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most likely have you heard of it related Different variants of Covid-19usually appearing from time to time due to mutation viral, become more dangerous That original variant first detected Wuhan; However, in different Variants of coronavirussome stand out more contagious among the population,Do you know what they are?

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between Delta, Beta and OmicronCovid-19 has emerged in so many variants that many people no longer know the difference between one strain and another. All viruses change over timethis includes coronavirus.

When viruses change, the new virus types are called variants. The original virus was called “Wild type”. Variants can Different from “wild type” In a variety of ways, including:

  • how fast they spread
  • the severity of the disease they cause
  • your resistance to vaccines
  • How contagious are they?

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What are the most contagious Covid-19 variants, according to the World Health Organization?


he First time registration inside U.K.from where spread rapidly Until the original strain in Wuhan is replaced, February and March 2020.thus leading to The first strong wave of infections inside June.

this variant it transfers very fast because The first line of defense against the human bodyCompare Previously registered strains.

according to a scientific research Published on bioRxiv Digital Archive,show this variant It also has related tips Mutations outside the spike proteincause hours after infection one person, viral suppression defense Quick response body riding be opposed to All invaders.

by blocking this “Innate immune response“, Virus You have more chance of infecting other people.This helps with alpha processing innate immunity anyone avoid herthis is indeed Easier to transfer.


It is a South African variant From the beginning, it was one of the most dangerous because its capabilities for Evading immunity from certain vaccinesor even estimated 12 times less in terms of effectiveness Vaccine developed go through Modern.

according to scientiststhis variant is also lead to reduction Having the ability Neutralizing patient serum Most people recovered nine this case Vaccinated patients Together with the medicinal serum, immune response Fight viruses 10 to 12 times lower.

That’s you Virulence (the ability to infect people) causes Third wave of coronavirus in Africaa small amount After being discovered.


also known as Brazilian variantgamma left Death toll in Amazon exceeds 400,000,lead to two waves of growth index 2020.

this variant Reduce efficiency of some medications and Monoclonal antibodies and antibodies produced Previous infection with Covid-19 or through vaccines, according to doctor of Mayo Clinic.

so farNot reported yet Diagnose the problem Test with current use.

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In South American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina Is Dominant variation.All these countries live in wave of infection between April and June 2021.


this delta variant One of the draw more attention from the World Health Organization because of his Highly contagiousover 60% of the original virus, and Not because of its lethalitythis Operating in more than 180 countries and worry The scientific community because for stop its spread partnership required Fully vaccinated.

Around the world, there is a New series of outbreaks caused by Covid-19 because delta variantappeared in India end of 2020.this World Health Organization (World Health Organization) warns this mutation Accounting for more than three-quarters New Covid-19 cases in many countries.

Even their own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exist USA,It has been identified Vaccinated people may become infected and infect others even though they confirm Vaccines are very effective to prevent serious condition disease.


from months ago, Coronavirus There is one New more threatening faces called Omicron, SARS-CoV-2 variants first detected South Africa he November 24, 2021.

only 48 hours after detectionthis World Health Organization (World Health Organization), outright characterizing it as a variant of concern, lose no time when positioning it as a variant of interestbecause Lots of mutations I have Compared to the original virus Appear in Wuhan.

This variant has a Lots of mutations,some of them worry.preliminary evidence suggests Increased risk of reinfection with this variant.he Detection is faster sudden increase past infectionindicating that it may have a Infectious advantage Therefore, growth says the World Health Organization.

What about the newer variants? Coronavirus?


Over the past few weeks, Mexico and 51 other countries they have Newly registered Covid-19 cases Due to the existence of a variant called “EG-5”, Also known as “Eris”as one of last seen in the world, so Sounded the alarm among health authorities.

However, although this Latest forms of coronavirus from Omic strain and is considered to be “More contagious“, actually Your symptoms are much milderexist comparable to those common cold.

Therefore, in addition to the fact that largest proportion of population was discovered Vaccinatedthis variant generally cannot reach cause serious cases No hospitalization required, far fewer deaths, exist. .between infected people.

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exist The last few dayshas been known to international media above New Omicron outbreakBA.2.86,is also called”Wintergreen“,Appear in Israel, the United States, South Africa and the United Kingdom After initial registration Denmarkat the end of July Starting in 2023.

Although this variant Although the number of reported mutations is alarming, they do not appear to be common in cases that result in hospitalization or severe disease. It most likely evolved from BA.2, an older and better known form SARS-CoV-2 That no longer in circulation Today this means Wintergreen yes Less resistant to neutralization.

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in England, 33 senior citizens Infected in nursing home, shows spread easily.But they were just notified Hospitalized twice,This indicates Wintergreen will not cause more serious illness think Existing variants.

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