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When it comes to Women’s clothing, there are things that, despite the times, periodically come back into fashion. Among them, T-shirts stand out, the advantage of which, first of all, is versatility. They can be worn in full summer or in the classic off-season, perhaps under something like a blazer or denim jacket.

Which ones are the most trending right now? Let’s find out together in the following lines.

Black and super tight T-shirts

Talk about t-shirts it means opening a chapter characterized by the presence of leaders with different characteristics. In the list we find black and super-fit T-shirts. In recent months, one has witnessed the return of a feature that was fashionable at the beginning of the third millennium: The shirt is so short that your belly button is visible.

As for combinations, among the most successful – and fashionable – is the option with military-colored trousers with a low waist.

There cropped t-shirt it has returned to fashion again, primarily thanks to the fashion choices of some celebrities from the world of music and fashion, such as Dua Lipa and top model Hailey Bieber.

Minimal styles are undoubtedly the most sought-after, but women’s t-shirts reminiscent of 80s and 90s hip-hop culture are also popular.

Oversized T-shirt? Yes please!

There oversized t-shirt option This is another item that has been in the spotlight lately, to say the least. Attention: when you use the word “more” you actually mean “more”! Among the popular women’s T-shirts now are those that are so large that they can be distinguished. used as clothing.

The power of customization

There’s no denying it: trends in which women are the protagonists Women’s T-shirts during this period they are numerous and all interesting.

In addition to those just mentioned, it is also worth questioning trend setting.

Personalization of women’s T-shirts – there are many portals that allow you to do this, and among the most famous we can mention Wordans – this is a way to emphasize your uniqueness and start from scratch with that standardization that is increasingly considered bad. for style.

Logo mania

Who thinks that t-shirts – a thing that can be taken out of your wardrobe in those cases when you have nothing to wear, and it can also change your mind. This piece of women’s clothing, unsurprisingly, has recently begun to be displayed, focusing primarily on women. models in which the designer’s logo is highlighted.

Those who like to take care of their appearance even in moments of free time want the people they deal with to know about it.

The power of a slogan

Just open social media to realize that for over a year now, when we talk about women’s T-shirts, we cannot ignore the presence slogan. The latter concern the universe of feminism – Chiara Ferragni thought to give an objective impetus to the popularity of clothing – but also sustainability.

Animal print T-shirt

There animalistic pattern it has finally moved beyond moments such as evenings dedicated to transgression and originality, and has become part of everyday fashion choices. Proof of this is the particularly noticeable popularity of T-shirts with animal prints in recent months.

Sustainable development

There sustainability it is a central aspect in several aspects of daily life, and fashion is not important. It is therefore not surprising if among the latest trends regarding an item that is present in all women’s wardrobes, namely the T-shirt, there is collections and models made from environmentally friendly fabrics (eg hemp textile fibre).

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