Government invests 586.4 million dinars to provide high-priced hepatitis C drugs to 1,827 people

Santo Domingo. – High Priced Drug Access Authority (damac)The Department of Public Health reports that over the past two years it has provided Treated more than 1,827 hepatitis C patients Against this disease, the government invests in More than 586.4 million RD.

When giving a welcome speech at an event celebrating a holiday world hepatitis day Delivered on July 28 this year Talk about disease preventionDAMAC Director Dr Karen Cepedaexplained that high-cost drug plans provided patients with the drug to treat hepatitis C 1,482 in 2022 and more than 342 this year.

he emphasized These beneficiaries join more than 16,540 people who receive high-cost medicines regularly and without delay part of a high-cost drug plan, for which President Luis Abinard’s government triples budgetthis year is RD 8 billion.

Every patient infected with hepatitis C will get the drugs, he explained three months, According to experts, the disease can be cured.They are worth 321,132 RD and 586.4 million RD has been invested to buy them Over the past two years, 1,827 people have benefited from this treatment.

He advised members of the public to see a specialist if they experience symptoms such as eyes and eyes. Yellowing of the skin, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

He emphasized that high-cost drug programs approve and provide hepatitis C drugs to patients in need in a timely manner.

He’s a gastroenterologist here, Dr. Pascal Nuñez Ramirez, It is recommended to pay attention to the prevention of hepatitis C Proper Sterilization of Reusable Instrumentssuch as those used in dentistry and those used by manicurists, podiatrists and tattoo artists, and replace the non-reusableLike a needle.

He added that when a person knows they have hepatitis C, they must take the necessary precautions so that Personal tools, such as toothbrushes, razors, etc., are for their exclusive use only.

He suggested to the citizens get tested frequently for hepatitis Cin order to take timely action once found to avoid liver damage.

thanks for the program

People benefiting from hepatitis C treatment, including Ramón Ventura and Ninoska Logroño, They thank the High Cost Drug Program for donating drugs to treat the disease.

Ventura remembers that he was born with hepatitis C, the product of a virus. blood transfusion.

He called on everyone to take care of themselves and maintain hygiene to prevent the spread of hepatitis.about regret discrimination and rejection For those affected by this disease, due to ignorance, It is not contagious by talking and waving.

Speech to celebrate World Hepatitis Day on July 28 Dr. Sandra CabreraMember of the Dominican Society of Gastroenterology.

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