Great success for OneRepublic at the Arena Flagria in Naples

Big Success To OneRepublic In Arena Flagria In Naples (OneRepublic 300x200)

Antonio Esposito Ph.D. antipic

from 1st july boisterous naples festival The Neapolitan fills the evenings with good music, between different styles and appealing to all generations.

Last evening it was his turn to take the stage at the Arena Flagrea one RepublicHistoric American group that instantly conquered the public by offering a range of emotions in music.

This year’s Italian tour consists of three dates: 11 July Auditorium Parco della Musica – Cavia (Rome), 12 July Arena Flagria (Naples), 14 July Piazza Sordello (Mantova).

to open the show tom gregoryBritish singer born in 1995, second time in Italy, who sang various Rather you, Fingertips, foot prints And never let me downPays tribute to Naples and its team with the shirt of the famous number 10, Diego Armando Maradona.

Big Success To OneRepublic At Arena Flagria In Naples (OneRepublic 1 300x200)

At exactly 10 o’clock he finally appeared full of energy and awe to the anxiously waiting audience.

In just one evening, as outlined by singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder himself, managed to summarize 16 years of a career as far as possible.

songs like stop and stay And love ends, Synonymous with pure rock, the drum solos were truly exceptional.

one Republic He is also known for his collaborations with artists of a certain level: Beyoncé, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus, Adele, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, The Jonas Brothers and many others.

With his stunning voice and piano, he hinted at songs like halo (BeyoncĂ©), that’s what I want (Lil Nas X), bleeding Love (Leon Lewis) burn (Ellie Goulding) love someone (Maroon 5), MAPS (Maroon 5), performing an insane mash-up.

Big Success To OneRepublic At Arena Flagria In Naples (OneRepublic 3 300x200)

The evening obviously included the most famous songs such as Rescue Me, Where I Go and Secrets, accompanied by a pleasant cello.

crowded with if I lose myselfA song written in 2014 for the internationally famous DJ Alesso: The whole audience starts dancing non-stop, just like when your favorite song plays at the disco… if I lose myself TonightIt will be from your side.

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive…the song that beat the single in the standings apologize, counting stars It highlights the importance of small things in contrast to the materialism that has now become a suffocating part of the society.

Big Success To OneRepublic At Arena Flagria In Naples (OneRepublic 5 300x200)

Together life in colorRyan Tedder, in order to feel closer to the audience, sits on stage, with the expression, “One jump is enough to be there with you” as he himself said: You have seen my worst, yet you still see some hope in me… But no matter what the daylight brings us, we all know… Well, this is the color of life.

Hopefully if everyone runs. You chose to live… yes, with every broken bone. I swear I’m alive.

The strength to fight every misfortune and live, better or worse, enjoying everything to the fullest, without being afraid of it. So OneRepublic congratulates Naples.

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