“I like making movies, but I don’t like Hollywood”

Britain’s Tom Holland candidly admits that he doesn’t love Hollywood and the American film industry much.

Tom Holland: 'I love making movies, but I don't like Hollywood'

tom holland honestly disclosed don’t love hollywood too much and American industry. The English actor rose to fame when, at a very young age, he was cast by Marvel Studios as the new Peter Parker, but Holland does not feel comfortable in the machinations of the business, as he confessed during Jai Shetty’s podcast did.

Tom Holland at Captain America: Civil War: World Premiere

Tom Holland at Captain America: Civil War: World Premiere

Discussing his feelings about the industry, Tom Holland told the host: “I’ve been really good at keeping in touch with my friends, keeping my family close, learning my lessons, not getting caught up in the hype of Hollywood. I’m a really big fan of movies, but I don’t really like Hollywood it’s not for me. The business really scares me. I understand I’m a part of this business and I love the way I interact with it, but that said, I always walk away, life Looking for ways to live it’s as normal as possible”,

Tom Holland is praised more for lip-syncing ballets with Rihanna than for his movies

weight of fame

Analyzing his relationship with celebrity, Tom Holland said: “My constant thought is not to lose. I’ve seen many people succeed and lose before me, I’ve had to give up some friendships because they took the wrong path”.

tom holland

Crowded Room: Close-up of Tom Holland

The Spider-Man star also went through a rough patch due to his addiction to alcohol. The actor recently confessed that he was addicted to alcohol before detoxing. Now that the actor has put his addictions behind him and his relationship with Zendaya is booming, Holland admits:

“I’m really looking forward to focusing on the things that make me happy, my family, my friends, my carpentry, my golf, the charity my mum runs. These are the things that make me really happy . So I try to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible. You’ll never see me at an awards show or a red carpet that’s not a work commitment. I don’t want attention when I don’t need it.”,

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