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Playing Green Home from PC, smartphone or tablet it will also be possible to contribute to the creation of a Nature Classroom of WWF Italy

P&G launched “Green Home”, a video game to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of adopting good environmental sustainability practices at home and send a message: environmental sustainability is achieved with everyone’s contribution, starting with paying attention to the many small gestures we make every day within the domestic walls and to which we do not give sufficient importance, but which instead have a significant impact on the environment.

If we look at our products, 85% of CO2 of purpose 3 is generated at home, during the use phaseexplains Daniela Cappello, Scientific Communication Director of Procter & Gamble in Italy – therefore it is very important to inform people on how to best use them and on how the environment can be safeguarded starting from our homes. For this reason, together with WWF Italia, CoRePla, Altroconsumo and AIDECO, we have recently developed the guide “Planet = Home, we learn to be sustainable” which can be downloaded free of charge by all citizens by accessing the P&G Italia website ( and today we launch “Green Homea video game with which we aim to inform users about the importance of implementing good environmental sustainability practices in a fun and interactive way”.

Available free of charge in the “Games Room” on the website Gamindo ( the goal of the game is to clean the 4 rooms of the house (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) by overcoming 20 levels made up of logic puzzles and quizzes focused on correct use of P&G products and how to dispose of packaging.

The basic principle of the video game developed with Gamindo, a start-up selected among the participants in the “Green Start-Up” call to action promoted by P&G to find innovative solutions in the field of environmental education and sustainable logistics, is simple: help companies communicate with the target audience in an engaging medium and at the same time support non-profit organizations in raising funds.

In Green Home, for each game level passed, in addition to receiving advice on good environmental sustainability practices to be applied at home, you accumulate gems that have a symbolic monetary value. Once all levels have been passed, the accumulated gems will be converted into cash and donated by P&G to WWF Italy for the construction of a Nature Classroom at an elementary school in our country which will add to the over 50 that P&G will contribute to creating by 2024.

The video game is therefore completely free for those who play because P&G will donate to WWF Italy the resources necessary for the creation of the Aula Natura but the involvement of the players will be essential for reaching the total number of gems that will finance the Aula Natura.

Environmental education also of the new generationsresumes Daniela Cappello is undoubtedly one of the objectives of both “Green Home” and “Aule Natura”, the project created by WWF Italy to make up for what experts define as a real “lack of nature” which creates listlessness, boredom and sedentary lifestyle. The Nature Classrooms are in fact small green oases created by redeveloping unused school courtyards or spaces with various micro-habitats such as ponds, hedges, educational vegetable gardens, insect nests, where young students can learn to know and respect nature thanks to a new outdoor learning and teaching modes”.

“Green Home” is one of the initiatives part of the “P&G for Italy” corporate citizenship program with which the company is implementing concrete actions in our country in the field of environmental and social sustainability.

“Aule Natura is our way of bringing nature into cities, schools and the daily life of children and teenagers says Eva Alessi, Sustainability Manager of WWF Italy. – A real open-air laboratory where students observe, get to know and learn to take care of Nature, our common home. This project serves to lay the foundations for a true ecological and cultural transition, starting with the environmental education of the new generations”.

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