Greta Gerwig’s Little Women

Maybe we haven’t talked much about Barbie, no kidding, you all know about Barbie, but about Greta Gerwig being thrown from a woman who makes films for women to directing a planetary blockbuster in 2023, what do you know?

In the meantime, she was an actress for several years, even for her husband Noah Baumbach, for example, in “Frances Ha”, a fun independent comedy, but not exactly unforgettable, but on the contrary, a little annoying about a girl in her thirties who seems unable to grow up.

The same feeling that his debut film left me with, this famous, but at the same time so easy “Ladybug”. Another coming of age story with a few apt jokes between the main character and her mother: “You can just go to City College. In fact, with your work ethic, you can go to City College and then go to jail and then go back to City College, and then maybe you can learn to do it yourself instead of waiting for everyone to do something. for you”. The action takes place during the last year of high school of the main character Christina, who combines a very fast aggressive and non-conformist behavior with great affection for her parents and great ambitions for her own future, trying to keep everything under control.

It starts well, but almost immediately returns to the tracks (“the wrong side of the tracks”) of (another) very enjoyable indie film, well written, very well acted, especially by the women’s sector, mother (Laurie Metcalfe) and daughter (Saoirse Ronan) , above all, and who found the right wind at this historic moment to be included in the strong headlines of 2017 by all the US newspapers that ferried him to the safe shores of the Hollywood awards season, where he won the Globe for Best Comedy and Best Actress in a Leading Role , as well as up to five Academy Award nominations.

But what I suddenly found interesting was his revival of Little Women, another story of learning and a cultural product of women to the nth degree. Because while women are reading Moby Dick, men aren’t reading Little Women, and even fewer go to see a movie based on Little Women by a female director (an oxymoronic phrase that drives me crazy) who makes films. for women. .

And, of course, who cares about four girls who, in the mid-nineteenth century, knew full well that they had little choice in life, if not women?

And instead, Gerwig’s version, properly fashionable, with all the new faces of modern cinema, Watson, Ronan, Chalamet, Pugh, is important, strong and compact, and tells us that millions of little women, inside and outside the film, they want their book was printed, they also want power and roses, and every day they go in search of their own white whale.

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