Grove XXIII, Michael Jordan’s exclusive golf course

In addition to being one of the NBA’s greatest stars, Michael Jordan He is a great golf fan which has led him to participate in several tournaments playing with legends such as Tiger Woods Even becoming a member of the PGA Tour, America’s main and the world’s most important men’s professional golf tour.He is so passionate about the sport that a few years ago he decided to create his own course, an exclusive private club where Can only be accessed via direct invitation In the case of sportsmen or their fellow adventurers, businessmen Kurtos wonders. According to them, only ability 100 members including pilots Denny Hamlin and american golfers Ricky Fowler.

Aerial image of Michael Jordan golf course

Nicholas Architects

Grove XXIIInamed after the number worn by basketball players on their jerseys, located in hobsandA region of Florida known for its natural beauty and warm, pleasant climate 4500 square kilometers of land Formerly a citrus grove.Designed by world-renowned experts in the field Bobby Weedthe property includes an 18-hole race track, a main clubhouse with the latest technology, a learning facility and a practice area where you can take up the sport.

Modern style main house by Nichols Architects and Daley Jensen, a curved structure inspired by the precision and fluidity of the golf swing, offers 1,394 square meters of space and panoramic views of the course. It houses a pro shop, bar, lounge area, locker rooms, and more.

Pictures of main facilities of Grove XXIII golf course

Nicholas Architects

For its part, the course features a double helix course, meaning it can be played in four combinations of nine+nine or shorter courses of three to six holes. the best?Lucky Club members can enjoy Weird drink and snack service delivered by drone.

Those players who achieve an “eagle” score (i.e. two under par on the 6th hole) during the tournament will be rewarded memorial ring, This alludes to the six championships Jordan won in the NBA.

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