Guaymallén joins viral hepatitis prevention campaign


July 28, 2023

During the year, those who need to know whether they have been infected with these diseases should contact the virology department of the Central Hospital or Luis Lago Maggiore Hospital.

On July 24, 26, 27 and 28, the city participated in viral hepatitis prevention and awareness campaigns promoted by the provincial and national health ministries and carried out in accordance with national law No. 27,675. In addition to HIV, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, the regulations contemplate a comprehensive approach to these diseases.

During those days, the Almafuerte Municipal Public Library set up a stand staffed by health professionals. There, pamphlets were distributed, information and counseling were provided, HIV testing was conducted, the presence of risk factors was investigated, and hepatitis A and B vaccinations were given to initiate and complete these immunization programmes.

It is worth mentioning that hepatitis C is a disease that is transmitted through the blood and all its derivatives and is detected by a test or blood analysis. The main difference with types A and B is that there is no preventive vaccine for type C, but there is a treatment method, and if applied early, the effect is excellent. Therefore, early detection and diagnosis are two basic factors of health. Among other things, it includes maintaining personal hygiene practices, utensils and objects that carry blood, and providing necessary and adequate protection during sexual relations.

For its part, it’s also important to emphasize that hepatitis B vaccination is important: people with hepatitis B are 5% more likely to develop hepatitis D, a more complex disease, and more rapid develop into a chronic disease.

Those who need to know if they have viral hepatitis should contact the Virology Department at the Central Hospital or at the Luis Lago Maggiore Hospital.

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